How Long Should Social Media Updates Be?

How long should a social media update be?

Ever wonder how long your social media updates should be to be the most productive?

Did you ever think that the perfect Facebook post only has 60 characters?

This is a GREAT infographic based on research the team at Buffer compiled.

The perfect character count for each of the major social media networks is in there …

The perfect Tweet is 71-100 characters. Which leaves space for re-tweeters to add their own special note on your tweet.

The perfect email subject line is 28-39 characters? Why? Mobile devices, which the majority of emails are opened on, have a very short subject line field. So to make the subject line compelling on a mobile device, keep it eloquent.

A perfect blog post? 1,600 words! Wow! I’m sure lots of posts fall short of that, (including this one! lol). But when you think about it, to get a point across via an electronic device to a wide range of readers, you may need to explain it in more than one way. Not everyone learns or comprehends in the same manner so making the point understandable in several ways will drive it home and emphasize the point’s importance.

The perfect Ted talk time? 6 minutes. I knew they were interesting because of the great speakers and compelling topics, but keeping a talk to 6 minutes is right in line with a short break from the normal routine and gives a brain a chance to relax. What’s on the agenda for my next coffee break? … A Ted talk like this one!

How Long Should Social Media Updates Be:



This infographic was developed by and all credit goes to SumAll with data being provided by the team at Buffer.

For even more detail on the findings, make your way over to the full post at the Buffer blog.

Thoughts on any of the findings?  Did any surprise you or was it just me that thought 60 characters was short for a Facebook post?


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