How to Create an Ecommerce Landing Page that Converts

If you want to run a successful ecommerce store, one of the most important pages you need to create is a landing page(s). When you set up a conversion optimized landing page, you will generate maximum revenue with every bit of traffic you send.

Therefore, to help you get a positive ROI from all the time and money you invest in ads, influencer marketing and content marketing I have created this quick guide on how to create an ecommerce landing page that converts.

Choose your best design option:

While setting up your ecommerce landing page you have three options. They are either to hire a designer or to use a landing page building tool or an ecommerce site building tool.

The option you choose should depend on your budget, the amount of time you have and the type of site you want to set up. Hiring a designer to set up your landing page will work best when you have a big budget. As you will not only need their help to set up the landing page, but also maintain it. This person might need to come in and work full-time. You will also need to be very patient here as designing a custom store can take up to 4 weeks.

If you don’t want to set up an entire store and just need a few landing pages for products, you can simply create the landing pages.

While if you want to create and run a complete store all by yourself, you can use an ecommerce website building tool. These tools come with templates and apps that make it very easy to set up and run a site. They only cost a few dollars and let you automate several tasks, so they will help keep your business lean.

Upload visuals and copy: 

The next thing you must do is add visuals. When people buy products online, they want a close up on their appearance because they can’t touch and feel them like they do at the store. This is why you should upload at least a few pictures that show your product in different angles and in action. It will make it easier for the buyer to picture themselves with the product.

If you want to get even better results you should add videos of your product as they can lift conversions by 30% as discovered by Zappos.

ecommerce landing page that convertsYou should also use visuals to optimize your ecommerce store for sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Visuals drive high engagement on these networks. Therefore, they can get you a lot of traffic.

Accompany the visuals with very well written persuasive copy where you describe the product and the benefits it offers. Put yourself in your customers minds while writing this copy. To help you with this you can create a customer persona.

Add social proof:

To make the landing page even more persuasive, you should add some social proof. The ideal type of social proof are reviews and ratings that people submit on the landing page itself. Like for this product on Ulta. The almost perfect rating from hundreds of buyers makes the product look very credible.

But these can take time to accumulate. So, in the meantime you should contact previous customers and add their testimonials in either written or video form.

If your product has won any awards in the past, add those details too.

Another way to add social proof is by displaying user generated content (UGC) people post on networks like Instagram. Here is an example on Yonka’s website.

These forms of social proof can boost sales as soon as you launch. The people who buy these products will then submit their own ratings and reviews on the landing pages which will help even further. To encourage people to leave reviews respond to all of them positively whether they are good or bad.

Also, email everyone who buys the product and ask them to leave an honest review.

Make copies and split test:

It is very unlikely that you will create the best version of your landing page in your first attempt. In fact, you will make several mistakes. This is why you should make more versions of your landing page and split test them with the previous versions. If the experiment improves your conversion rate, you can continue using the new version. Otherwise you can just revert back to the old one.

But make sure that you only make one or two new changes for the new versions of your landing page. This is because if you make too many, you won’t be sure what brought about the positive or negative effect.

For best results run these experiments for 2 to 4 weeks at least and send equal amounts of traffic to each page. Many ecommerce builders have built in split testing capabilities that make it easy to run slit tests.

Through these experiments you will be able to figure out the types of landing pages your audience wants. It will make creating better landing pages in the future a lot easier.


These are all the steps you must follow while designing your landing page. They will ensure that you design a landing page that converts no matter where the traffic comes from.

How do you create your ecommerce landing pages? What tools do you use? Please leave your comments below.