How to Improve Your Facebook Page – A Page Audit


Let’s dig into this Facebook page review!  Tire South is the Facebook page that we’re going to be checking out.  You can find them on Facebook at

What I’ll be doing in this review is taking a look on-screen in the video at their Facebook page and going through a number of components from my 12-point Facebook Page checklist on what you need to do to update and make sure your Facebook page is using the latest tool and features.

My goal is to make this very practical for you, so you can get some tips out of this you could use for your own Page!

The Page Review:


Cover Image:

Recommendation:  No need to be redundant and not use your cover image space well by repeating TireSouth in the cover image since it is in the Profile already.

Instead, do something that points out the tabs below them such as “Click below for the sweepstakes contest” (or the financing options, etc.)

Idea 2: Rotate cover images more often.  You could use the same basic image and yet different call outs differently so that you are highlighting different tabs.  Maybe swap those out once every two weeks for instance just to mix it up a little bit.

About Area:

Add more detail to your “About” section. Your About section is indexed by searched engines, like Google and Bing, and it’s also indexed by Facebook for Graph Search. So you can help yourself out by filling out more detail, like what do you offer in terms of brands of tires and types of services.


Let’s jump back to the main page then and dive into the tabs.

Great use of tabs to share information on locations, using Like Gate to gain Likes for the Page, and using WebSite ReSizer app to include financing form on Facebook.  Nice!

Only thing I would perhaps recommend after reviewing your posts is that you need to have a posting plan that involves regularly sharing a post to the news feed about this opportunity on the tab and which drives them via the Smart URL to the tab.

Make sure you’re doing that because that’s how more people are going to be aware of your financing tab (etc) on Facebook because Facebook users spend the majority of their time in the News Feed and so you want to reach them this way and alert them to your Facebook tabs.


So you have a sweepstakes contest going where there is the opportunity to win a free $100 gift card in your monthly drawing by simply entering.

Nice graphics and very well done! It is TireSouth branded I’ve got a quick intro of what it is, what the details are, and a form for users to complete to enter. Nicely done! This is a great lead capture tool!

The only thing I would add here is that you want to use the minimum number of fields possible because this helps get the maximum number of entries!  The more fields you have, the less people will fill it out. If it is quick and simple, many people will do it. I know you’re trying to get demographic  information on them here, but you may want to start with a little less, maybe it’s a name email address and how did you hear about us.

So that is one suggestion that is possible to narrow this down because you have a higher dropout rate and less people completing it simply when you add more fields to it. People are in a hurry and are busy, so you want a low barrier of entry but enough that it is valuable to you.

Doing this type of giveaway is very valuable, particularly if you get the name and email address, because that email address is GOLD.  As you do capture those email addresses then make sure you are using email marketing services and following up with them after that.

Instagram Tab:

Let’s go to the Instagram tab and take a look what you have on that tab. Alright, so you are pulling in your Instagram feed which is a great cross-pollination between your Facebook page and Instagram, enabling your fans to discover you there.

Again, post about this in the News Feed so people would know about the tab because you want to build that following up on Instagram.  Quick note:  I see on instagram you have 221 photos, 715 followers, and you are following 0. Okay, this is not about instagram, but I’ll give you a quick tip – go follow some people on instagram, that’s how you are going to engage with more people and connect better and really make instagram work for you!

Employee Spotlight Tab:

You have an employee spotlight, nicely done. You’re just letting people know about your team and putting real human faces to your company. Good job.  Post those spotlights to the News Feed when you update the tab!


You do have some reviews, what is essential is that you are responding to those! Respond to those reviews so that people feel cared for and that people are seeing a response.

Posting Notes:

I see you are a sponsor of the high school mustang baseball program, I like that.

I like that as well because you know you cannot talk about tires and wheels everyday in every post all the time. People are not in the buying mode for wheels and tires everyday so you need other items to post about!  This is a good example of attraction marketing on Facebook which is so important. You need to be social and you need to engage with the community.  As a retail store, you have locations in your community and here you are talking about it. So that is a great thing to do!

Now just make sure to make a follow up. I think it’s going to be okay, since your stores are community based, to put in some news like “Hey there’s the season opener coming” kick-off post and if they make the playoffs, or somebody has a great game, be sure to add that to the mix of your posts.  It shows that you connect with people and it’ll be social. That will get likes and more comments, and ultimately attract more traffic to your page.

Recent Post: “Have you taken advantage of our 10% off service?”

Great! So you’ve got that 10% off, you are using the Smart URL leading mobile and web users to your tab.  The only thing I see is that there is no traction on that post so these are post that you might want to consider doing a little bit of boosting with.

You can use the Boost post feature. I want to encourage that when using this, don’t do the fans and friends of fans, rather do more location direct targeting, and target your regions specifically in your sales radius. For five bucks you can ramp up your marketing on that post and get seen by people in your area that you serve!

That’s a summary of some tips for this Facebook Page!  Be sure to listen to the video as I cover more than I outline here!   Hopefully for TireSouth and others this gives you some great tips to go forward with.

If you want the full complete 12-point checklist, click here or the gift box on the right side to download your own 12-point list to enhance your Facebook page.

Well done TireSouth!

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