How to Make Your Visual Marketing Designs Pop

visual marketing designs

While countless of brands are in a race to grab their potential customer’s attention and achieve successful leads, how can yours stand out from the crowd?

Your brand’s visual marketing strategy will dictate the effect it’ll have on your targeted audience and the extent to which it becomes noticeable. In this regard, visual marketing has become the Holy Grail for marketers in recent years to help their brands shine under the spotlight.

To put it simply, visual marketing involves the use of images and graphics to highlight the object in a relevant context. Images that highlight the object and communicate the message effectively are able to reach out to people more, engage with them and support persuasion. According to HubSpot, approximately 50% of marketers deem creating visuals a priority in their marketing strategy.

So how can you make a visual design that’s attention grabbing and effective? We’ve gathered here a few tips for you to help your designs pop!

Keeping the Design Simple

visual marketing designs

The first tip that you need to remember always while working with your logo designer or using a software like  for your company logo or merchandise, is to keep it simple and clean. If you take a look at the latest designs, you’ll notice that designers go for simplicity more as compared to crowding the design space.

Therefore, not crowding the design with too much text, keeping it clear and concise and having minimum icons on the space can help your design look credible.

Choosing Appropriate Colors

A very important aspect of any design—the color scheme helps in creating a particular atmosphere, mood and evoke various feelings. Incorporating colors unintentionally in your visual marketing design won’t help in creating a good impact as every color has its own meaning and psychology. Therefore, choosing a color scheme that aligns with your brand’s emotion and message will help in reinforcing the idea through your designs.

The way to go with this is identifying your brand’s message—creativity, loyalty, luxury, etc.—and choose colors accordingly. You may start with two or three colors and use them in your posts. However, it is recommended to use contrasting colors to make your post pleasurable and easy to read and comprehend. Therefore, using contrasting colors in the background and text will make your design legible.

Choosing the Right Amount of Text for Designs

Text encompasses the sequence of words on your design which are used for describing the message of your post. Marketers realize the great power that words have and therefore, use concise text on their designs to showcase their brand and communicate its message. However, using too much text on your visuals may overcrowd the space and make it seem unattractive to the end user. Therefore, limit the amount of text on your visuals but make it powerful and concise for persuasion.

Another factor to consider while incorporating texts on your designs is its end platform. Are you designing a Facebook post? Or will it be used on your Instagram story? If the design is for a social media platform, limit your texts to one or two-liners to avoid overwhelming your audience. Moreover, be mindful of the readability of your text as a large majority of your audience will likely be consuming the content on their mobile owing to the increased use of smartphones.

Incorporate Unique Typography to Convey Brand Message

Just like your design’s color schemes, the typography you use in it is has the potential to effectively convey your brand’s message. Typography is nothing less of an art and selecting one that aligns with your brand’s personality can be a bit daunting. However, when done right, it can benefit your design in unexpected ways.

For an effective design, choose a maximum of 2-3 fonts. Using more fonts than that may distract your audience from the main message. Remember, you want to choose a font that becomes your brand’s representative—something that your audience will remember you by. Moreover, choose fonts with a high contrast for that extra POP in your design. As a rule of thumb, remember that Serif fonts are perfect for print while Sans-serif is well-suited for web.

Utilize Negative Space for Your Ultimate Advantage 

Negative space, also known as white space is a means of adding strength to your text or image by leaving significant void area in the design. The extra space in the design acts as a structural support for your object and positively effects the entire visual.

While designing your marketing post, consider which elements are necessary and remove the extra ones to add in white space. You can drag the objects around to see how the dynamics of the visual changes for your best interest.

Add Icons to Leverage Your Message

A great way to grab your audience’s attention is to add icons in your posts. An icon depicting the message of your post is likely to attract your audience; therefore, use it for your benefit to divert the attention from the icon to your post’s headline and then the text.

Wrapping It Up

These were our top tips for making your visual marketing content attractive and attention-grabbing. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the design style that’s best suited for your business. Remember to keep it simple and be consistent in order to reinforce the idea in your audience’s minds.


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