How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Website Leads

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Website LeadsWhile platforms like Twitter and Facebook are frequently mentioned as excellent marketing tools, Instagram is quickly becoming an effective way to get more leads. Here are some tips to get you started:

Add Links and Track Them

Instagram is a great opportunity to get leads to your site is by driving traffic through a well-placed link. To track and measure the effectiveness of links, use services like as or Google URL builder.

Knowing how many people visited your site through the link lets you know how well your Instagram marketing drives leads. Instead of just directing leads to the home page, try including links to specific pages like a landing page.

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram ads attract leads.  Create Instagram ads using the Facebook Power Editor. One ad type includes the ability to create an ad specifically for drawing clicks to your site. A successful Instagram ad makes use of a compelling, relevant photo and a call-to-action (CTA).

Always Incorporate a CTA

CTAs motivate an audience. After they’ are done reading your post, direct them back to the site with a simple “Click the Link In The Bio.” Every post should encourage visitors to take action.

Marketing With Hashtags and Keywords

Use hashtags to draw attention to your brand, and attract leads in the process. Unlike other platforms, Instagram encourages the use of multiple hashtags (between 25-30) per post. Industry-related or hashtags that are commonly associated with Instagram (such as #photooftheday) make your content more discoverable to potential leads.

Contests and Giveaways

People like free stuff. Capitalize on this tendency by having contests and giveaways. Instagram contests generate interest in your brand, exposing your business to a larger audience.

Getting Partners and Networking

Connecting with brands that are similar (but not in direct competition with you) to yours can boost followers and audience numbers. Sharing each other’s content and ideas in front of followers can draw their audience to your brand and vice versa. If you already have connections on Instagram, leverage their follower base to gain traction. Tag them in posts, take pictures together.

Become a Follower

When you’re a new brand on Instagram, make yourself known on a platform. Instead of attracting leads to you, chase the leads. Find and follow your target audience. Eventually, they will start following you back.

Give the People the Content They Want

On Instagram, don’t sell, give people good content. Make sure to create your content with the audience in mind. Create content that gives them the information they want to see or know. Other content such as videos and images should have consistent filters, be posted regularly, and be kept short.

Marketing on Instagram is a great opportunity to try out a fun platform that has room for several brands. Easy to learn and catch on to, sticking to this platform can start showing you results.

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