How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Small Business [Infographic]

How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Small Business.There has been a lot of misconception that LinkedIn is purposely used for job searching. That would have been the case when the site was launched years ago, but that’s no longer the case. Currently, people are using LinkedIn for business-related purposes. For example, creating relationships with like-minded professionals, being up-to-date with evolving industry trends, and discovering new leads who could turn up as potential customers.

It’s worth noting that LinkedIn is the largest professional network with more than half a billion users across the globe. With each passing time, LinkedIn is becoming a sales and marketing tool in addition to a hiring platform.

How to effectively use LinkedIn to grow your small business

Ability to highly target customers and connections

Small businesses can target an exact industry, job role, and company size that they are sure will typically purchase their products. For example, a company selling customer support software to small businesses can set ad campaigns to only show to businesses having under 100 employees. Furthermore within this grouping, only to executives with customer-support titles.

Use sponsored updates

This feature provides demographics that are similar to other social media platforms such as gender, age, and location. However, one key difference is the ability to customize based on company name, title, job functions, groups, and skills. This enables users to target particular industries without competing against spam of other irrelevant messages and companies.

The effective use of LinkedIn will no doubt help in the growth of any business. Try it now and look forward to positive changes in your business.

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