How to Use Your Blog Posts on Facebook to Drive Website Traffic

How to Use Your Blog Posts on Facebook to Drive Website Traffic

With more than two billion monthly active users, Facebook reigns supreme as the biggest social network with the widest reach. It’s also a powerful tool for digital marketing.
Here are 10 tips that can help you with your Facebook marketing strategy:

1. Use big images

Because image posts fare better than link posts, include high-resolution photos in your blog posts. Optimal size is 1200×630, though any orientation is fine provided the photo is at least 600 pixels in width. This image will appear as the thumbnail in your Facebook post.

2.  Keep it short

Serving as teasers for your posts, captions should be succinct enough to entice people to click. Anything too long can turn visitors away. As a general rule, follow the 140-character rule on Facebook. It works on Twitter as well as Facebook.

3. Facilitate discussions

Social media is about engagement, so ask questions related to your content. This will encourage people to click and leave comments. The initial comments can spur many discussions as your post generates more shares and likes. On Facebook, active posts have higher visibility on people’s news feeds, resulting in organic popularity.

4. Use your own quote as caption

If you have a great one-liner in your blog post, use it as a caption for a post on your Facebook page. You’ll save time and effort, and also give people an accurate sneak peak to what your blog post is all about.

5. Add links in video captions

A picture paints a thousand words, a video even more. Thus, make a video sideshow/clip and include it in your post. This strategy works well on Facebook, where visual elements grab more attention. Don’t forget to add closed captions using Facebook’s video captioning tools. It’s where you can add links to your site, encouraging viewers to visit.

6. Share tried-and-tested blog posts

Get more out of blog posts that went viral or ranked high on SERPs by sharing them periodically on Facebook. If the content’s already outdated, update it and include the date to let people know it’s fresh. You can also create a follow-up post and start a series.

7. Boost posts or create ads

You can drive more clicks to your site by boosting posts, or by launching traffic ads via Facebook’s Ads Manager. If you go with the latter, take advantage of Facebook’s highly granular targeting. By fine-tuning your criteria, you can reach the exact demographics you want.

8. Go live

Facebook Live offers a new way to share content or promote businesses. And because it’s video, you can share a variety of stuff, like a real-time event stream, an impromptu tutorial, etc. As long as you share relevant information, you can establish regular viewership which can result in lead generation and conversions.

9. Pin high-performing posts

Facebook lets you pin one post to the top of your page’s timeline. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your pages. Choose a post that has generated most clicks or leads to pin. You can also pin a link to your site’s opt-in form for more conversions.

10. Hold a contest

People like getting free stuff, so give away a product or service your business offers. Make sure it’s something potential customers would want to get so that only your target audience would participate. Create a landing page with a form where people can submit their contact details, then promote the contest on your Facebook page. Just adhere to Facebook’s guidelines to avoid any hassle.

Whether paid or organic, marketing on Facebook is always a smart choice. So what are you waiting for?

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