How to Write Copy that Generates Results [Infographic]

How to Write Copy that Generates Results-infographic.

The value of content marketing cannot be overstated. Without aggressive content marketing, your digital campaign is as good as dead. So how do you write copy that generates results?

Unfortunately, content marketing isn’t as easy as we’d wish. It’s not just about putting words together and throwing articles around. Instead, you must create well-researched pieces that add value. Moreover, your pieces must be targeted to reach your audience and optimized for search engines. Doing both can be a massive challenge.

To this end, SEMRush recently conducted research to determine what makes the perfect content marketing campaign. Specifically, the team set out to find out how to create content that generates conversions. Their findings were truly eye-opening. Among other things, the study found that highly converting content pieces share a few crucial qualities.

How to Write Copy that Generates Results

A well-thought keyword strategy

You must identify your primary and secondary keywords from the outset. Otherwise, you’re doomed to fail. About 44% of poorly ranking websites don’t have a keyword strategy.

Optimized headlines

The headline must contain your primary keyword (or keyword phrase). It must also be actionable and specific.


People read at different levels. So, it would help if you wrote at your audience’s reading level. Otherwise, your content may be too complex or too simplistic for the audience.

Check out the rest of the findings in this Semrush infographic to determine whether you’re writing your content pieces the right way.

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