Improve Your Organic Reach on Facebook


Organic reach on Facebook is problematic. But you’re not alone when it comes to this problem. Here’s a great infographic from Neil Patel over at on how to improve your organic Facebook reach.

  • Organic reach has declined to 6% according to Ogilvy
  • Ogilvy also reports that a drop of 49% since 2013

Luckily, there are 5 steps that you can take to improve your organic reach.

1. Employ Facebook Strategies That Fortune 500  Companies Use

Let people see what goes on inside the company. Always be open and honest. Be readily available for customers to reach out and interact with the company. Demonstrate the best customer service possible to make the customer’s experience pleasant.

2. Post at Non-Peak Times

When there is little being shared at the time,  a company’s content is more likely to stand out.  Facebook Insights can help you understand your audience and you will want to watch for those times when your fans are online that others are not pumping out content.

3. Share Original Images

Original pictures that are taken behind-the-scenes are more likely to be viewed and shared with others. People WANT this!  Don’t be afraid of it.

4. Connect with the Audience

Companies shouldn’t focus solely on promoting their means, but instead asking questions and interacting with customers.

5. Share Self-Explanatory Pictures

Pictographic’s and infographics make it easier for information to be understood. Being descriptive in a photo can communicate lots of information quickly in a way that stands out (and gets shared!)



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