Inbound Marketing Process: How to Get Started in 3 Months

Inbound-Marketing-Process--How-to-Get-Started-in-3-Months-315Inbound marketing has come a long way. But one thing hasn’t changed – it is still the best way to market. Not only is the strategy cheaper, but inbound also promises a lot more traffic, leads, and sales. If implemented well, you stand to benefit immensely from your campaign over a long period.

Inbound Marketing Strategy:

Here is how to get started in 3 months

  • Step #1: Learn about inbound:
    Some of the best places to educate yourself about the strategy are HubSpot, KissMetrics, Impact, and UnBounce.
  • Step #2: Build an inbound team:
    An inbound marketing team comprises a marketing strategist, a content copywriter, a web designer/developer, and a marketing coordinator.
  • Step #3: Assess your current situation:
    What assets do you currently have? What activities are you doing now? How are they performing? What is your budget?
  • Step #4: Define your goals:
    Remember that the best goals are SMART, i.e., Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.
  • Step #5: Create buyer personas:
    Buyer personas will help you better define your audience for targeted marketing.
  • Step #6: Develop a game plan:
    Establish your content strategy, define your lead generation paths, and determine the required tools and technology.
  • Step #7: Set the ball rolling:
    In this final step, build a website, publish valuable content, promote the content, and evaluate your progress as the campaign grows.

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