Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Know 2020

Influencer-Marketing-Trends-You-Need-to-Know-2020-700The growth of influencer marketing has been gradual but progressive. However, influencer marketing has seen its share of challenges arising from fake followers, clueless influencers that have no influence, and influencer posts that lack transparency. Nevertheless, the impact of this form of marketing is undisputed. Influencer marketing, no doubt, adapts to marketplace trends overtime. Here are some views on influencer marketing trends of 2020.

Combining Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Social Media Marketing

Currently, many businesses consider content marketing, influencer marketing, and social media marketing to be separate kinds of online marketing. However, they are actually separate elements of one online marketing process.

The difference between these marketing elements is as follows:

  • Content marketing is all about creating and sharing content.
  • Influencer marketing a social media marketing focus on content distribution through social media accounts. The difference between influencer marketing and social media marketing is the person who creates and delivers the content.

In 2020, most businesses will merge all these processes into one comprehensive marketing strategy.

Brands Will Be Keen on Finding Influencers with Values That Match Their Own Values

One major challenge with influencer marketing over the years arises when brands are ashamed about their association with influencers who exhibit controversial behavior. Typical examples include when advertisers departed from Logan Paul’s YouTube channel when he uploaded a video of a suicide victim in one of Japan’s forest and PewDiePie’s partners leaving after several racist videos were posted.

The issue was that although not all supporters of Paul and PewDiePie’s flee from them most realized a mismatch between these people and their own brands. In 2020, the businesses will seek to find a better match between the values of their influencers and their own values.

Wrapping It Up

Influencer marketing is one of the tools that can help improve your brand and the success of your business. While studies have shown the effectiveness of this form of marketing, it is not without its share of weaknesses. One of the basic trends in 2020 will be to merge content, influencer, and social media marketing into one marketing strategy. Another trend will be to find influencers who do not contradict a business’s values. Influencer marketing will definitely feature these and many more improvements in the days to come.

Thanks to our friends at Influencer Marketing Hub for this helpful infographic.

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