[Infographic] 5 tips to be a career-changing mentor

Infographic 5 tips to be a career-changing mentor.

Becoming a mentor could be one way to find the career fulfillment you’ve been looking for and as a bonus help you with professional development. Doing something meaningful, such as mentoring someone, can help you be more content with your job and get the promotion you deserve.

If you are ready to become a mentor, but you are not sure where to start, here are 5 tips to be a career-changing mentor:

1. Get to Know Their Goals

The best way to learn more about your mentee and be able to prioritize their needs is to ask what are some of their career goals and what they hope to accomplish in the future. Get to know them and ask what they want to improve and what are their expectations for this mentorship.

2. Learn the Types of Mentors

In any mentorship, it is also important to learn more about yourself. So you should start with learning what kind of mentor you aspire to be. Are you more like the Companion? Or the Search Engine fits your style more? Check out five common types of mentors below and see what mentorship style fits best for you.

3. Be Clear with Expectations

After learning what your mentee goals are, you should be ready to set some expectations. Setting clear expectations helps keep your mentorship on track and allows you and your mentee to achieve desired outcomes and goals.

4. Make Connections

It’s normal to not have all the answers right away. Building connections with people with relevant expertise will help you gain more knowledge to help guide your mentee. By starting professional relationships with different people, you will have new resources to be able to help your mentee achieve their goals faster.

5. Celebrate Achievements

Positive reinforcement is a great way to let your mentee know they are on the right track. Make sure to celebrate their achievements in a meaningful way so that they will always remember your mentorship. Some ideas of that could include, taking them for a celebration dinner, writing them a card, and taking time to acknowledge their amazing performance.

If you still need more tips on becoming a career-changing mentor and making a difference for your mentee, Mint shares some great tips in the infographic below.

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