[Infographic] 55 Web Design Statistics in 2020

Infographic of 55 Web Design Statistics in 2020.

For a fresh web design for business and one capable of increasing visitors and consequently the bottom line, one must know what to do to have a website that results in business success. Keeping up with new trends and statistics on what works best in 2020, one is able to see possible areas to improve web design and ultimately help build a more ideal website for your target audience.

Must-Know Web Design Statistics

Website Design

48% of users judge a business’ credibility by how its website is designed. 94% of visitors create the first impression of a website based solely on the design of it. Additionally, 38% will leave if your website is not appealing after only the first 0.5 seconds they are on the site. Furthermore, statistics show that a bad user experience turns away 88% of online shoppers. Make sure your web design is appealing and user friendly!

Mobile Friendly

57% of users tend not to recommend a business having a website that is not mobile-friendly. A user-friendly site is so important. With 16 % of users in the United States only accessing the internet through a mobile device, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site you will lose those customers. 50% of e-commerce is done on a mobile device. Expectations are for this trend to keep increasing. If your business website is not mobile-friendly, this should be a priority as companies with a mobile-first website increased their sales by 68%.

It’s clear that the website’s design does play a crucial role in a business. Make sure your website has an appealing design, is user-friendly, and is mobile-friendly to increase the traffic into your business. Check out more of these web design statistics of 2020 in the infographic below!


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