[Infographic] A Small Business Guide to Facebook Chatbots

A-Small-Business-Guide-to-Facebook-Chatbots-315Isn’t it time your marketing team hired a Facebook Chatbot? Four out of five businesses say they’ve already started using chatbots on their websites, or are planning to. With 1.3 billion people on Facebook’s Messenger service, and 300,000 chatbots there too, the natural progression is for your business to take the weight off its response team by adding live chat solutions or a Facebook chatbot to your account.

Facebook Chatbots

But let’s take a step back for a moment: just what is a chatbot? Well, you’ve probably already had experience of them as a consumer, if not as a marketing professional. While a chatbot sounds like a lovely robot that you can pass the time of day with, it’s technically just an automated question-and-answer service.  A way to help customers with requests. This means that your business can respond to inquiries much quicker than if you were reliant on limited old human power.

What Can a Chatbot Do?

While the AI behind chatbots is becoming more sophisticated all the time, for now, they are best used to deal with simple questions that you get asked a lot – like a kind of living (almost) FAQ page. Your chatbot can respond to messages asking about the status of your order, or when your physical premises opens and shuts, and other things like that.

But you can also power up your Facebook chatbot to offer product information and deals. A smart chatbot might even make that sale for you when your human colleagues didn’t have time to get involved! The vast majority of customers claim to need assistance at the point of purchase. Therefore having an automated answering service can prevent curious consumers from getting away.

This new infographic from Headway Capital explains all the ins-and-outs of what a Facebook chatbot can do for you, and how to go about acquiring and ‘training’ your robot. It won’t take long before your chatbot becomes a valued member of your marketing team!

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