[Infographic] A Visual Guide to a Meeting Agenda


Meetings can help solve a lot of problems by simply getting colleges and associates up to date on important information. However, many meetings that are not carefully planned lead to a lack of direction, do not meet the stated purpose of the meeting, and also generally misuse the meeting’s time. The three following steps can help keep a meeting focused and organized.

Have A Defined Purpose:

A meeting should a central purpose and various goals it’s trying to accomplish. The less defined the points of a meeting are the easier it is to get sidetracked into an unrelated discussion. Every attendee should leave with an understanding of the core ideas and facts a meeting was supposed to communicate.

Organize And State The Agenda:

At the very start, the agenda of the meeting should be stated and reviewed. This serves two purposes, one it sets the tone for the meeting itself and two it allows for any changes or corrections that may be required for the meeting’s stated agenda.

Managing Time:

Finally, every item on the agenda should be given adequate time for discussion. This keeps the meeting on track by going over discussed topics and allows each agenda item time to be heard. Without clearly defined timeframes agenda items can run long causing later topics to be cut short or ignored entirely.

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