[Infographic] Anatomy of a Successful Website

[Infographic]-Anatomy-of-a-Successful-Website-315What makes a website capture and retain the attention of visitors? At first glance, an alluring website seems to rely on bold colors and imagery. Effective website design incorporates much more than that. First of all, it’s the quality of the website. At this point, quality website building software is the most important thing. A lot of reviewers agree that Gator website builder is one the best solutions for website building.

When designing your website, keep the following basics in mind:

Content Rules

Content marketing has the power to pull in target audiences and boost conversions. Consumers want to see content (especially video).

Include regular and highly relevant content such as a blog on your site to capitalize on consumer desires.

Powerful Copy

Copy should entice readers! What’s the use of spending hours on a great blog post if it goes unread due to a boring headline?

Start off your posts by getting readers excited about what they are going to read. Create copy and headlines that:

  • Pack a punch
  • Grab attention
  • Are strong and inventive
  • Are straight to the point
  • Layout its value to readers

Consistent Branding

Consistency in branding creates more trust among consumers when they come to your site. Center your website and all of its content around a consistent brand message by:

  • Fleshing out clear brand messaging guidelines
  • Displaying brand logos strategically through the site
  • Determining the appropriate colors for the site’s design, headlines, and images
  • Producing content that aligns with brand-related industry news

Thanks, Hubspot for this great infographic!

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