[Infographic] Best Practices For E-Commerce Email Marketing

e-commerce email marketing

When it comes to marketing your e-commerce store, there’s no other channel more valuable than email. Unlike other channels, your email list is under your complete control, and this curated list of high-intent customers often leads to an impressive ROI.

While there is no end to the articles you can find on optimizing your e-commerce email marketing strategy, one of the best ways to really nail your campaigns is by studying what’s already worked for others (and what hasn’t).

Luckily, you won’t have to perform your own research and reinvent the wheel. Omnisend has recently released data, analyzing over 128,000 email campaigns over 2018. These email marketing statistics, gathered from over 964 million emails, cover best practices from list building and campaign timing, to automation workflows that perform the best.

Some key takeaways from the infographic created from this study:

  • Cart abandonment is the best performing automation workflow during Black Friday weekend, but the overall order rate is 31% lower on average compared to cart recovery performance during the rest of the year.
  • Customer reactivation workflows sent to inactive customers were surprisingly effective during Black Friday weekend, with a 106% increase in orders.
  • Using a variety of sign up forms is best for newsletter conversion, with landing pages getting the best sign up rate at 23% on average.
  • Higher sign up conversion can also be found when asking for three pieces of information (typically email address, first name, and phone number).
  • While the highest campaign sending volume is found in November, the best open and click through rates are found in February.
  • Order confirmation leads automation workflows in highest open and click through rate, though cart abandonment leads in order rate.
  • Automation workflows generally perform better than bulk newsletter campaings with 309% more opens, and 455% more clicks.

For more detailed statistics on email marketing, check out Omnisend’s infographic below:

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