[Infographic] Transform your Small Business into a Sales Powerhouse

[Infographic]-Transform-your-Small-Business-into-a-Sales-Powerhouse-700Sales are crucial to small business growth, right? Knowing the right buttons to press in terms of boosting sales for a business is the key to success. A small business that wants to grow should focus on becoming a “customer company”. You will be glad to know that data makes this possible. Transform your small business into a sales powerhouse.

Customer Relationship Management Applications

Customer relationship management (CRM) application tools are vital for small enterprises aiming to take their sales a notch higher. CRM apps arrange customer data scores into a simplified interface.

CRM Apps Improve Efficiency

With a CRM app, response to customers is quick and tasks remain organized. Additionally, more information regarding leads is gathered. What is more, salespeople send more relevant messages to customers.

Added Advantage

Small businesses wishing to create accurate forecasts and improve ROI (Return on Investment) can pair CRM apps. Furthermore, you can use your already established accounting software.

What to expect:

  • Up to 29%, 34% and 42% increase in sales, sales productivity, and forecast accuracy.
  • CRM app collects customer data from social media, emails, and other sources and compiles in a simple interface.
  • Customer requests are managed and arranged based on priority.
  • Easier access to customer communications, account history, and critical information after merging CRM with existing accounting software.

Generally, adopting CRM minimizes search time, boosts sales and productivity.  As a result, grows your small business into a sales powerhouse.

Thanks to the great folks at Salesforce for this insightful infographic.

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