Key Reasons to Use Social Media with your CRM for Growing Business

Social media has become a staple and mainstay of modern communication and there are key reasons to use social media with your CRM.  Social Media is used daily and by a massive sector of the global population.  People use social media to find products, ask questions, get support, connect with others and more.

All of this use is an amazing amount of data, and with so much of it being done in the public, one way a business can grow their customer base is by paying attention to the information people are sharing on social media.  In the leading edge business world, businesses have implemented new ways of tracking down and acquiring potential clients through the use of various types of CRM software tools.

For businesses, using social media and a CRM (customer relationship management) software is an excellent way of targeting and nurturing prospects to become new customers for your business. Social media can be used in many stages of the lead nurture cycle and when combined with a CRM it becomes a powerful tool for lead acquisition, lead nurture, customer support and more, all tracked within your CRM.

The key is the data tracking that a CRM offers to pull together many different social media feeds and user shares so that a profile is created on a user that can be helpful in the lead nurture and customer support processes.

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Is your business using a CRM that integrates social media feeds and channels to create a full customer lifecycle data report?  This information can be extremely valuable and by offering social media as a channel to communicate, you are reaching the customer on the channel that they most prefer using.

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