New Pro Feature! Easily Embed Facebook 'Like' buttons in Tabsite


UPDATE: This information is for the Original Version of TabSite which is since replaced in June 2011 by TabSite’s Drag N Build interface.

Facebook TabSite is pleased to announce the roll-out of a new feature for TabSite Pro accounts.  With a couple clicks and a webpage url to ‘Like’ , it is incredibly easy to add the Facebook ‘Like’ to your TabSite.  You can add the ‘Like’ for people to ‘Like’ your Facebook Page, or you can specify product url’s from your website so that visitors on Facebook can ‘Like’ specific products!


This feature is for Pro accounts, so make sure you consider the upgrade to have access to this feature!  To add a ‘Like’, simply do the following:


1. In the TabSite Manager, place your cursor where you want to add the ‘Like’ button in your body content and then simply click the ‘Like’ icon.



2. The ‘Like’ button will then open a new input box.  Add the url that you want the visitor to ‘Like’, modify width if desired, and choose one of the 3 layout styles.



3.  After you select “Insert” you will get a confirmation pop-up message as shown below, Simply Press OK and you’ll see the ‘Like’ you selected embedded into your Facebook TabSite.



4. All done!  See below.



The ‘Like’ button makes it easy for Facebook TabSite users to engage visitors and increase the viral, social sharing!  Again, this is available for Pro users and is ready and waiting for you to use!  Give it a ‘Like’!!


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