Updated Cheatsheet For Facebook Image size and Dimensions 2019

Facebook Cheatsheet

The need for a strong social media presence has towered in 2019. This makes it vital for the business to get up-to-date with social media platforms. Facebook is an incredible way to reach the target audience and getting the right image size to represent you is an essential part of optimization. Whether it’s brand promotion, […]

Protecting Your Image as an Entrepreneur

Protecting your Image

There is often so much emphasis placed on protecting your business as an entrepreneur. However, your personal image is also something that’s worth protecting too. Have you ever thought carefully about how you want to be perceived by the public? Numerous factors could positively or negatively impact your image. It could be how you’re portrayed […]

Taking Your Business to the Next Level in 2 Simple Steps

Business Next Level

Your business is never going to be an overnight success. By the time it reaches the pinnacle of its market, it will have had to have clawed its way up a number of different levels, each one being more difficult than the last. No matter what your business’s next step is, then, you need to […]