The Productivity Diet: What to Eat to Get More Done in the Day

The Productivity Diet What to Eat to Get More Done in the DayYou are what you eat. So if you want to be more productive, eat food that boosts your brain such as:


Eggs — They contain choline, a vitamin-like nutrient that improves memory and speeds up reaction time.

Yogurt — It has probiotics that help the digestive system absorb more water, resulting in better hydration.


Avocados — They carry mono-unsaturated fats that maintain healthy blood flow for a healthy brain.

Dark, leafy vegetables — They’re rich in iron which delivers more oxygen to the brain, resulting in enhanced cognitive control.


Salmon — It’s full of B-vitamins and Omega-3s necessary for strong memory recall, focus, and reasoning.

Brown rice — It’s filled with magnesium, a mineral that supports cognitive health.

Avoid sugary foods and calorie-ridden foods. They’ll make you confused and sleepy. And of course, eat enough to energize you throughout the day. Healthy food at the right amounts can do wonders for your brain and help with weight loss.

Thanks to Hubspot for this enlightening infographic on the Productivity Diet.

The Productivity Diet What to eat to get more done in the day The Productivity Diet What to Eat to Get More in teh Day The Productivity Diet What to Eat to Get More in teh Day


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