Protect your WordPress Website from Hackers

.Protect your WordPress Website from Hackers - 315WordPress is the most popular website platform, but it’s popular with hackers as well. According to WP White Security, in 2012, 170,000 WordPress websites were hacked! Here are some security tips that protect your WordPress website from hackers.

Stronger Login Information

  • Strong passwords can be created using password creators including Strong Password Generator, or Passwords Generator.
  • Many WordPress versions used the default username “admin,” which should be changed.
  • Change passwords frequently for added security; keep each password in a secure location.

Limit Login Attempts

  • Strengthen WordPress site security by reducing login attempts.
  • Protect the site by installing Login LockDown or Login Security Solution, which limits login attempts, protecting it from brute force attacks.

Thanks to WPShrug for this awesome WP security graphic.

Protect your WordPress Website from Hackers1





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