Retain the SEO Rankings: Ways of Keeping the Competitors in Their Place

Retain the SEO Rankings: Ways of Keeping the Competitors in Their Place

If you have acquired that coveted number 1 spot on the Search Engine Results Pages, that does not mean you can now sit back and bask in the glory. Maintaining the SEO scores is crucial to make your keyword targeting a success story. Safari SEO Services tell us that SERP rankings require constant diligence; rankings constantly change and holding the top spot requires continual adjustments making it incredibly challenging. The reason is that the SEO algorithms keep changing; this makes it hard for companies to keep up with the latest developments. Thus, driving your Google rankings from unseen to the top of the page asks implementation of top-notch strategies to give your competitors a tough time.

We have compiled a precise guide for organizations on the lookout for ways to retain their SEO ranking and keep their competitions in their place.

1 – Focus on Meta Description & Title Optimization 

The factor that could give you your favorite spot on the SERPs is your frequent maintenance of quality-optimized content. It is vital to remember that when competitors work to counter your rank for the same keyword, they will pull out all the tricks to surpass your score. It makes it necessary for you to work on your website by making your links more clickable and up to date. You can achieve it by optimizing your content and Meta descriptions regularly.

2 – Establish Authority with Informative Content 

You can effectively maintain a high rank on search engines by ensuring competitive research for your site’s keywords. A fine example of this is the Amazon website. If you search ‘books’ in the Google search bar, your first non-advertised result would be the Amazon website. The reason is that the company set itself as the ‘go-to’ site for purchasing books by working precisely on competitive research.

Competitive analysis for implementing best SEO practices includes research on authoritative links, target keywords, and analyzing SEO competitors. Besides, it is equally important to use reverse engineering tactics to achieve successful SEO strategy results.

So, if you aspire to rank high for a particular keyword, be consistent with competitive research and producing relative content to hold your spot in the race.

3 – Add Featured Snippets to Show on Top-tier 

Pages that appear on search results are much more than just a list of links. When you type something in the search bar, the search engine presents results. It splits the results into several categories, such as featured snippets, image results, recommended websites, sidebars, and sponsored links. Featured snippets are small chunks of information pulled from websites that Google finds relevant to the searched query. For instance, if you develop a site about bookshops’ history, Google will take a snippet to quote the search results. Thus, it is a bright idea to include a blend of tables, lists, and paragraphs relevant to your content to secure better SEO ranks.

4 – Get an SSL Certificate

Back in the day, website developers had the choice to create website URLs with or without it. However, as of 2018, Google addresses URLs created without the additional SSL as ‘not secure.’ Therefore, if your web URL starts with ‘HTTP,’ people might feel weary clicking on your website, whereas some browsers might block access to the site. Therefore, switching your site’s address to HTTPS will safely keep your spot on the search engines.

5 – Backlinking is Vital

An effective way to ensure that your content ranks high for a particular keyword is through judicious internal linking. It includes links in your content to maintain your SEO rankings. The internal linking technique is one of the best ways to retain the score; you must be mindful not to go overboard.

Your website’s position at the top of SERPs is also because of your efforts in building the backlinks. Backlinks can make your SEO game very strong; therefore, you should not stop incorporating this practice when creating content. The key is to avoid making your website look plethoric with backlinks, and approach other websites within your industry – except your competitors – and offer them guest posts. Another brilliant way to incorporate backlinks is to feature case studies to your potential clients and encourage them to backlink from their sites in return. Make sure to run a regular check on the internal and external links to avoid any broken links.

6 – Monitor Your Progress with SEO Tracking Tools

When it comes to retaining rankings for SEO, you might want to run a check on your keyword patterns and top terms. When your keyword’s visibility index starts to get low, your website eventually starts to lose ground. Using tracking tools and utilizing the conventional SEO techniques, you can steer your way back to the top.

If you have managed to rank high in the SERPs, it is implausible that you would not know about Google Analytics. The depth of riches offered by this tool is something mainstream marketers have not explored yet. It provides a well-known feature called Intelligence Events, which allows you to monitor any significant changes in your analytics data. This tool does not only help in tracking any alterations but also alerts you of the spike or exhaust in traffic.


Well-optimized websites are visible from a distance as they receive more traffic over time, which brings about increased sales and more leads. SEO rankings are vital to any website’s functionality because the audience or potential customers will not find your website prominently on the search engine pages without it.

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