Social Media Branding Strategies For Facebook


Facebook is one of the biggest social sites online – boasting around 600 million users. So when it comes to marketing your business online or trying to brand yourself, Facebook is one of the best places to be!

I found this awesome infographic from It shows some great strategies for branding your Facebook page.

Here’s a quick summary of some social media branding strategies for Facebook:

  • Set your vanity URL. Instead of being you can use your business name such as This will also become your Facebook email address ie;
  • Professional pictures help brand your business and who you are. Even if you have to copy it from another social site, this is fine, as long as its either you or pertains to your business ie; your logo, your motto, etc.
  • Always fill in ALL the details of your profile. Facebook has a lot of profile options so make sure you include an about us, support email, website link, links to other social sites, etc.
  • Use your fan page to comment on posts, help people out with questions they may have on other fan pages, be an authoritative figure without being a know it all!
  • Add your Facebook URL to newsletter themes, emails (personal and otherwise), other social sites, your business cards, letterheads and more.



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