Social Media in Real Time

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Thanks to for this impactful real-time infographic that illustrates social media marketing potential in real time.

If you think you only need to have a social media page and can let it go with attending to it, you need to rethink that strategy!  Engagement matters! In just the few seconds it took you to read this, someone shared their thoughts, likes, wishes, and wants.

Potential customers are interacting consistently in real time. Users are liking Facebook pages, following Tweets, viewing YouTube videos, Pinning favorite recipes, uploading the latest photo, or starting up lively debates.

Social media is an active marketplace. Having a social media strategy allows you to interact with clients in real time. The more you interact with users, the more you learn about your potential customers.

Take a look at the following chart and see the potential interaction with clients, real users liking and sharing your product information, and even future employees.

Seize the future and become an active social media marketer. Learn the differences between each social media channel and understand how you can become an active part of the social media community. The potential business opportunity is there—just watch it grow.

In the time you’ve been here:

Cristiano Ronaldo has got 29 new fans on Facebook and counting!
Katy Perry has got 73 new followers on Twitter counting!

Adele’s new single “Hello” has got 37,422 views on YouTube and counting!

Want to see it in real time?  Check this out….

Go to to see the real time graphic.

It’s pretty cool!


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