How to Use Social Media for Your Small Business [Infographic]

 How to Use Social Media for Your Small Business infographic(1).pngYou don’t have to be a big brand to succeed on social media. Your small business can gain traction online with these simple tips:

  • Connect with like-minded people.

    Social media is all about relationships, so use it to reach out to other professionals within your industry. Do this by leaving comments, answering their questions, asking your own questions, offering advice, and inviting them to your network. If their initial impression of you is positive, there’s a big chance they’ll want to connect with you too.

  • Repurpose your best content.

    If you have a fairly popular piece of content on one platform, think of the other ways you can make it suitable for other platforms. For example, make an infographic for Instagram based on a short video you made for YouTube. Or expand a single tweet on Twitter into a long-form article for your blog.

Thanks to the great folks at Post Planner for this infographic on how to use social media for your small business.

 How to Use Social Media for Small Business infographic

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