Social Media Trends: Growth of Social Selling

do and dont of social selling

Social Selling Defined:

This is the new breed of value-focused, trust-building, nurturing sales in action.

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Social Media continues to evolve and smart marketers are integrating social media marketing and selling as an integrated part of their overall online marketing.

The key growth edge for businesses is the way that social is used as part of their sales process.  The growth of “Social Selling” will continue, and it’s an art (with science)!

This great infographic from dives into the details that businesses using social media should review and consider as they aim to boost “social selling” in their business!

My Key ‘Social Selling’ Takeaways:

1. It’s about the “micro-level”.  

I love this statement.  Social selling is definitely more on the 1-on-1 level.  It’s not broadcasting!  It’s about answering a question on Twitter, responding to a person’s comment on your brand Facebook page.

 2. It’s about Listening.

Any good relationship revolves around the ability to listen.  Maybe more than communicating, listening helps the person feel understood, valued, and trust is built.  It’s no different in business!  If you make a potential customer feel heard, that “you get” their problem, and they can “feel” that, then you have a foundation from which to share your sell.  Listening on social involves monitoring, reading, asking questions.  It’s again, not pushing, but seeking.

3. It’s about being Authentic.

Wow.  That’s deep.  We are talking about business here!  This is by salesforce, not Oprah or Dr. Phil.  The need to be authentic, I take that to mean a brand/business that has a personality, and one that reflects the DNA of the business.  It’s not about putting on a show or being something other than what you are, your social media interactions need to reflect your business.

HINT: This means it’s likely NOT a good idea to have that college intern run all your social media!  They don’t get your business!

Key Stats:

  • 73% of sales people using social selling outperformed their peers
  • 43% of B2B businesses have gained a client through Facebook (higher for B2C!)
  • 65% of B2B businesses have acquired a client through LinkedIn




View full post by Salesforce.

What do you think?

Anything that stands out to you?  Please share in comments below!

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