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Beginners Guide to the Can Spam Act [Infographic]

Beginners Guide to the Can Spam Act - 315

Beginners Guide to the Can Spam Act - 315Our friends at EveryCloud share with us this informative infographic today.
Thanks to the Can-Spam Act, businesses who use email to communicate with their customers must comply with anti-spam regulations. This legislation outlines strict guidelines for sending business-related emails and allows recipients to stop receiving emails if they so choose. The Can-Spam Act describes penalties for businesses that fail to follow these guidelines.

Contrary to popular belief, the Can-Spam Act applies to all business-related emails, not just bulk emails.

Some of the guidelines outlined in the Can-Spam Act include:

  • All data in the “from,” “to,” and “reply” fields should not be misleading.
  • Subject lines of emails cannot be deceptive.
  • All emails that are advertisements should include a disclosure that identifies it as an ad.
  • All business-related emails must display a physical address so that people can send you a snail mail letter requesting to be unsubscribed.
  • The recipient must be able to opt-out of emails easily.
  • All opt-out requests must be fulfilled within ten business days.

Beginners Guide to the Can Spam Act