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Best Times to Post on Social Networks [Infographic]



If an article gets posted on social media and no one is around to see it, does it make an impact? Not really. So if you want your content to get the attention it deserves, here are some tips on the best times to post on social networks:

Early morning: People are in a hurry in the morning. But they also tend to do a quick check of their phones. Especially if they’re trying to put off getting up.

Lunch break: After a long morning at work, people want a break. They’ll be checking on their social media to see what they’ve missed so far.

Early evening: It’s this time when people are ready to relax after ending a work day. Schedule your longer content on this part of the day.

Thanks to our friend over at FirstSiteGuide.com for letting us know about this wonderful infographic.

The Best Times to Post to Social Networks - Cheat Sheet
The Best Times to Post to Social Networks – Cheat Sheet by First Site Guide Team.