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The Do’s and Dont’s of Content Marketing [Infographic]

The Dos and Don'ts of Content Marketing
Content marketing is an effective way to reach your target audience by offering relevant content that addresses their needs. There are several ways to market content, and one of them is blogging. Here are some tips you can try to succeed in blogging: Readability Keep sentences short, simple, and direct. Or if you need to use longer sentences to better explain a point, make sure to mix the length. The goal is to make content readable for most people. Consistency You don't have to Read more [...]

[Infographic] How to Get More Shares on Your Next Blog Post

How to Get More Shares on Your Next Blog Post
Engaging content has a high potential to be shared, but you need to be proactive to convert that potential into actual results. Here's how to get more shares on your next blog post. Self-promotion Share your new content across all your social media sites and  automate the process using a tool like Hootsuite. Results tracking Determine what strategy works by using Google URL builder which  tracks where visits come from. Blogger outreach Connect with influencers such as popular bloggers Read more [...]

[Infographic] How to Format a Blog Post for Readability

How to Format a Blog Post for Readability
Here are some useful tips on how to format a blog post for readability. Let's face it, without good content your blog isn't going to generate a lot of traffic. But content isn't everything. Formatting your blog for readability is just as important for keeping your readers engaged. Here's a look at ways to ensure that your business's blog is easy to read. Tips to Format a Blog Post for Readability: Format is Everything Carefully formatting your blog is crucial to readability. Write or edit Read more [...]