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How To Promote Your Blog if You’re Super Busy

Promote your blog infographic hero image.

Promote your blog infographic hero image.We all understand the benefits of blog promotion. Not only does promotion put you in front of the right eyeballs, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to enter new markets. Additionally, when you promote your blog it allows you to drive more traffic and leads.

So, how can you promote your blog and handle everything else (business promotion, accounting, sales, marketing) simultaneously? How do you do it when the average small business owner is rarely free? The Quuu blog has a few wonderful ideas.

Consider paid advertising

The easiest way to promote your blog when you’re busy is to let pay-per-click advertisers do it on your behalf. Pay-per-click advertising is quick, reliable, cost-effective, and above all, measurable and trackable.

Leverage SEO for organic advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most powerful way to market organically. It’s easy to set up, gives you a global audience, guarantees plenty of traffic, and is highly economical.

Build a thriving community

One thing all successful digital businesses have in common is community-backing. You need to build an excited community behind your blog to help you spread the message.

Use content promotion tools for social shared

Check out the Quuu blog to learn several other ways to promote your blog if you’re busy. The detailed infographic is complete with stats, insights, and examples.

Blogging Stats to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Blog

Infographic: Blogging Stats to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Blog

Infographic: Blogging Stats to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your BlogConversion is the holy grail of digital marketing – the ultimate evidence that your campaign is working. Unfortunately, it’s also where many marketers’ frustrations peak. After spending a substantial budget on traffic and lead generation, it can be stingingly painful to generate only a handful of conversions. This infographic illustrates blogging stats to help improve the conversion rate of your blog.

What can you do about it? How do you get more visitors to click on your CTAs and sign up for your emails?

Use Stats to Find Your Way

You’ve likely read blogs and watched videos about better content writing and social linking. Some experts will also advise that you improve your CTAs and loading times. However, no one ever tells you how much making these changes would impact your conversion rate. What difference would it make?


Spiralytics has conducted detailed research and brings you insightful tips to identify areas of your campaign that hold the key to increased conversions, complete with valuable stats on what you can expect from every tip you implement.

For instance, anchor texts CTAs can massively boost your conversion rate. Indeed, marketers report up to a 121% boost in traffic, whereas only about 6% of end-of-post banner CTAs generate conversions. This clearly demonstrates the value of anchor text CTAs.

Check out the rest of the Spiralytics report in the infographic below to learn blogging stats to improve the conversion rate of your blog.


Inbound Marketing Infographic: A Guide to Inbound Marketing


Inbound-Marketing-Infographic--A-Guide-to-Inbound-Marketing-315For an online marketing strategy to be successful a company has to attract the attention of internet users. Inbound marketing refers to the ability to bring interested customers to a company’s website or online storefront. Two of the most successful methods of drawing in potential customers is through social media and blogging.

Social Media

Has become a very valuable tool in consumer outreach. By engaging in the various social media platforms companies can promote their products, share important news, show off interesting pictures, and connect with visitors. With 72% of internet users making use of social media a strong social media presence is highly valuable. In addition to news sharing and promotion, a company can also engage with customers directly offering advice, answering questions, and solving problems. This helps further improve company-client relationships and can bring in more customers.


Covers a wide range of different topics a company can write about. Blogging can increase customer leads by 97% and increases positive ROI by nearly 13 times. What makes blogging particularly effective is it allows a company to establish themselves as industry experts. By writing articles about industry news, advancements, product releases, general advice, and opinion columns a company can show customers why they should do business with them. Blogs are also effective in building consumer trust.

Thanks to our friends at sevenatoms.com for this interesting infographic on inbound marketing!