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3 Ways to use Brand VidMaker in Video Marketing to Create Urgency


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How to Use Brand VidMaker in Marketing Company Products

3 Ways Brand VidMaker “Video” Advertising Creates Urgency

Video advertising has the power to move viewers to make quick buying decisions. There are so many forms of advertising out there, and yet, the visual and video medium can particularly grab viewer attention and ultimately encourage customers to open their wallets and purchase.

Brand VidMaker is a TabSite tool that allows companies, through images and text slides, to build a short, impactful video about a product or service.  It enables companies to tell a products’ unique story.

Brand VidMaker allows Page Admins to draw in potential consumers into your world and make them “desire” what you have to offer.  After the video is created, you can then post it to the company News Feed on Facebook, add it to a TabSite tab on the Facebook Page, and you have the ability to get the embed code and add the created video right to your website or blog! Brand VidMaker allows users to create a powerful video piece that can highlight one’s company products/services quickly, easily, and effectively.


The following points highlight three areas that TabSite’s Video Advertising app, Brand VidMaker, allows companies to capture and incorporate in their business social media presence:

1.       Brand VidMaker can help to visually provide information on your product/service which leads to acquiring knowledge, which in turn leads to educated decision making.

As is often said, “knowledge is power,” and Brand VidMaker assists with this. If your product or service has a unique selling point, then showcase this and elevate your product above competitors. Customers care about features, and advantages that those features offer.  As well, they care about benefits! Brand VidMaker videos published to Facebook can show this in a way that reading about it alone just can’t capture.


2.       Brand VidMaker videos sell the sizzle!

Brand VidMaker videos can propel potential customers to want to “experience” your product/service. Not all selling points about a product can be fully absorbed through reading a product spec sheet on the web. You can “know” about a certain steak cut-it’s weight and grade-and still not really be able to appreciate how amazing it is until you hear the sizzle of the steak on the grill. Brand VidMaker allows you to not just inform through “facts”, but also to play off of the emotional element of your product/service and engage the consumer.


3.       Brand VidMaker video gives your business a very cost-effective video tool that otherwise would only be accessible through expensive software and videographers.

Have you ever noticed small mom and pop shops that advertise in the newspaper, and have 5 or 6 regional phone numbers? Why do they do this? It allows them to be viewed as large and local to that customer, thereby extending their business reach. Brand VidMaker videos can have the same effect. When a video is put together and posted on Facebook, and on your website, it gives you a branding piece that until now was only affordable by larger companies.

The quality of video that is produced through Brand VidMaker is proportional to the effort placed in creating the image slides.  Use your best product images already developed for your web presence to create a custom video that gives your brand a boost.  Brand VidMaker helps companies compete and gain an edge in today’s competitive global market.

By Jeff Petermann


Brand VidMaker by TabSite is available at the Platinum Plan level.

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How to use Brand VidMaker to Showcase Your Company

Brand VidMaker Custom Video App for Facebook Pages


People learn and are motivated in a variety of ways. Some through hearing, some through seeing, and others through touch. Tabsite’s newly released Brand VidMaker has blended all of these learning styles into one tool that is sure to engage potential customers who view your video. This post will focus on the ease and fluidity in which Brand VidMaker can help you create and showcase your company and capture the attention of potential customers on Facebook with a custom video.



 The Brand VidMaker app within TabSite is available to try with any paid subscription plan.  Platinum subscription users of TabSite have complete control over branding, logos, and transitions.

One of the key reasons to create a TabSite Brand VidMaker video for your company Facebook page is that the majority of Facebook users view information on Facebook in their news feed.  The news feed is the “go-to” place for seeing updates.  As such, it is critical that a company page posts regularly to the Facebook news feed. With a Brand VidMaker video, a page can create and publish a video direct to their news feed so that fans can view the video.

In addtion, Facebook, in its own research, found that the most successful posts for capturing the attention of users and inspiring action are visual. Videos received 100% more engagement than standard posts. Since 40+ percent of a Facebook user’s time is spent in the news feed, capturing attention to inspire a “Like,” comment or share by using visual media such as videos is critical.

Typically, company information is text based and may include a image or two. With, Brand VidMaker, however, TabSite has made this a more engaging and multi-faceted experience that includes sound, multiple slides, branding, customized background and more!  The Brand VidMaker tool enables companies to easily build their own custom video. With Brand VidMaker the process is literally a matter of uploading, making selections for music and backgrounds, typing text and clicking a button.


LIVE Brand VidMaker EXAMPLE:

Ready to learn more?  Click the button below to view the setup process.




There are other uses for Brand VidMaker beyond a company video.  Promoting a contest, an event or a new service are other great reasons to create a custom video.  Do you have a proprietary good or multi-step process that your company engages in that sets you apart from your competition? With Brand VidMaker you can explain this proprietary process through a video intermixed with text and image slides that explain the benefits each step provides your customers.

Showcasing your company with Brand VidMaker through Tabsite is an easy and stress free experience and is an excellent way to compile your businesses vision in an easy to understand, quick format to reach prospective customers. The benefit is the ability to reach fans in the news feed and allow them to watch and play the Facebook hosted video right then, whether on a PC or their mobile device.  Did we mention that the custom videos can be embedded on websites and blogs?  Yes, Brand VidMaker videos can be added and used across the web.

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Blog Post by Jeff Petermann, TabSite Support Team


TabSite is a Facebook Page management subscription software that empowers companies with robust tools to capture leads, increase engagement, and boost reach.



Video App – Brand VidMaker Launched by TabSite

Brand VidMaker by TabSite allows users to easily create customized promotional videos for company Facebook pages!


 The Brand VidMaker app within TabSite is available to try with any paid subscription plan.  Platinum subscription users of TabSite have complete control over branding, logos, and transitions.

Each video will be made up of select image slides loaded by the Page Admin and converted to video that is published to a brand Facebook page.  Video creators add a title and description, followed by adding the company logo (which will be the transition between each main image). There are multiple video background options, slide transitions, and a number of select music soundtracks to choose from to further customize the video. Up to 8 product/service/marketing slide images can be used in the video.

Once ready, the video can be pushed to the brand Facebook Page news feed. Facebook also provides embed code so that users can use the video on a website or blog. Admins can select to also publish the video or multiple videos to a TabSite managed tab on the company Facebook page as well.  

LIVE Brand VidMaker EXAMPLE:


  • Create a Company Overview Video
  • New Product Video
  • Quick Product Setup Demo
  • Outline a overview of Company Services
  • Special Event Promotion
  • Introduce your staff / team members
  • Drive Traffic to a Facebook Page Contest Promotion 

Brand VidMaker video app allows users to easily create  customized videos for Facebook pages!  With mobile use gaining major traction and speeds of 4G and wireless allowing for more streaming, video is worth using


  1. Add the Title and Description as you want it to appear in a Facebook Post.  URLs are OK to include.
  2. Add your Logo or transition slide.  This appears between each video.
  3. Select background, music, and transition style from options offered
  4. Add your Images or Text Slides – Upload images or create text slides.  Up to 8 images can be added.
  5. Preview the slides sequence.
  6. Generate Video – The selections will be compiled into a video.  TabSite alerts you via a Facebook Notification when the video is ready for viewing. 
  7. Publish Video – After review, a video can then be published to the page news feed and also to a custom tab if desired.

“We recognize that a valuable way to increase engagement is through customized brand experiences to reach fans where they are, on mobile devices in the news feed, and our mission is to build and launch socially engaging tools accomplish this,” said TabSite co-Founder, Troy Rumfelt. “We will continue to roll out new features that leverage market trends and shifts in consumer behavior.”

As one of the early developers of social marketing tools for Facebook, TabSite empowers businesses with the latest tools and technologies.  With TabSite, there are no fan limits. Businesses of all sizes have access to a comprehensive suite of solutions, from complete design control and fully integrated social sharing to engagement apps and custom language tools.

 Brand VidMaker to create Facebook videos is available for use at any paying level.  Full customization with no TabSite branding is available at the Platinum Plan level.


Access Brand VidMaker in TabSite to create Facebook Videos

The Brand VidMaker is available to all paying (and Trial of paying plan) TabSite users in the left menu of the TabSite Manager. 


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