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[Infographic] Word Maps of 12 Personality Types


Word-Maps-of-12-Personality-Types-315There are at least seven billion people in the world, but they can be divided into these dozen personality types.

How will knowing someone’s personality type benefit your business?

Some personalities will complete tasks better than others. Some personalities will handle customer service with ease. Think of matching the personality strengths to the tasks they’re best suited for. Life could be a lot easier when conflicts are minimized.

  1. Challenger – Driven and passionate, they bring out the best in themselves and others.
  2. Winner – They have the confidence and charisma to solve big problems and become influential leaders.
  3. Seeker – They don’t wait for opportunities to knock; they go hunting and seize it when they find one.
  4. Risk Taker – They’re not afraid to take a gamble in life, so they sometimes lose big but also win big.
  5. Enthusiast – Whatever venture they get into, these social butterflies are eager and excited.
  6. Buddy – They are approachable and generous, so they’re rarely in conflict with anyone else.
  7. Collaborator – Like oil in machinery, these folks know how to work with people and make people work with one another.
  8. Peacekeeper –  As great listeners, they have developed diplomatic skills that can dissolve conflicts.
  9. Technician – Given their cool-and-calm practicality, they thrive best in steady environments.
  10. Bedrock – The reliable ones, they’re prepared for any challenge life throws their way.
  11. Analyst – They want to get things right, so they aren’t afraid to study data to find the best way to do so.
  12. Perfectionist – Never settle for less, they’re always looking for ways to improve their situation.

Where do you fall?

Thanks, Onstride.co.uk for this amazing list of personality types.

[Infographic] How to Write the Perfect Job Ad


[Infographic]-How-to-Write-the-Perfect-Job-Ad-315For a company to get the best employees good job ads are a must. Many industries require employees with specific, skills, experience, or knowledge and finding the right person can be a challenge.

That’s why a good job ad is so important … the best employees are often in high demand. A well-written advertisement can get the attention of qualified employees and encourage them to apply.

The larger a company’s potential hiring pool the better. Here are tips for writing an effective job ad.

Three Tips To Write An Effective Job Ad

1. The Job Title:

Is the first thing a potential employee will read. Due to the amount of information, people have access to attention spans can be short. Therefore a job title needs to concise, match common search terms so it can be found, and avoid confusing acronyms or jargon.

2. Focus On The Job:

The job description should be realistic and focus on day to day tasks an employee will perform. A realistic portrayal of a job can make interested employees more likely to apply and gives a company a chance to sell themselves to job seekers.

3. Define Goals:

Aside from knowing what a job is potential employees want to know what their goals are. Key tasks, specific benchmarks, and how these goals integrate into a company’s overall strategy should be clearly defined.

Our thanks go out to HeadwayCapital.com for this helpful infographic.

Windows Programs You’re Probably Not Using But Should [Infographic]

Windows Programs You’re Probably Not Using But Should-315

Windows Programs You’re Probably Not Using But Should-315Any PC user knows about Microsoft Office. But there’s more to Windows especially when you’re using Windows 10. This OS is packed with many useful programs, and a few examples are:

Offline Map

Going someplace soon where you won’t have internet access? Don’t worry! The Maps app lets you download maps to your mobile device and use them later even when you can’t go online.

Sticky Notes

This program is old school, but still cool. You can use virtual post-its to jot down reminders, save links, and write to-do lists, among many other things. These colorful squares stay on your screen so you won’t ever forget what’s on them.

Windows Ink

It’s time to wield a digital pen and let your inner artist shine through. Screen Sketch and Sketchpad let you draw and doodle with ease on your tablet. They’re definitely a step up from the now retired MS Paint.

Great infographic from MicrosoftTraining.net!

Windows Programs You’re Probably Not Using But Should