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10 Video Marketing Trends You Need To Know In 2021 [Infographic]

10 Video Marketing Trends You Need To Know In 2021

10 Video Marketing Trends You Need To Know In 2021

Video is the new way to market. According to recent studies, digital consumers are watching videos now more than ever. More importantly, consumers are more likely to remember the videos they watch than images seen or text read. This gives marketers a unique opportunity to get one over the competition.

Video Best Practices

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to create and publish videos. To succeed with video marketing, you also need to follow industry best practices, which requires staying up to date with industry developments and trends.

The good news is that Orbelo has done all the hard work for you. Their recent report, “10 Video Marketing Trends you Need to Know in 2021,” sheds light on some of the biggest video marketing takeaways from 2020 and industry experts’ predictions for 2021.

1. Video Usage in 2021

The first point the report addresses is the popularity of video marketing. The findings show that 85% of digital marketers used video marketing in 2020, a 24% increase from 2016. Nearly all (99%) of these organizations will bank on video marketing again in 2021 to get their messages across, with 9-in-10 saying it is a crucial part of their 2021 marketing plans.

2. The Livestream Boom on Mobiles

Mobile is essential. The average U.S. customer will have 9.5 mobile streaming apps on their phone. With an average of 80 apps, this is about 10% related to video streaming. The market is only growing.

3. More Short-Form Videos

Short-form video is in. Instagrams Reels and Tik Tok both utilize the short video format. If you want your marketing campaign in 2021 to be successful, you need to incorporate short, energetic videos that relate to your target audience.

These are only 3 of the 10 video trends discussed. Check out the rest of the report below to find out other top trends in the world of video marketing and discover steps you can take to position your business for maximum gain.

[Infographic] B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2020

Infographic B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2020

Infographic B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2020

Content is invaluable to any B2B marketing campaign. It’s one of the must-haves. Without it, you go nowhere.

Unfortunately, content marketing has also become extremely challenging recently. For one, the internet is saturated. Every day, millions of videos and blog posts are uploaded to various online platforms. Many of these content pieces now go without views because of the saturation.

Worse still, the content landscape is always changing. Keyword stuffing that worked like a charm a few years ago, for example, is now a death knell for SEO.

Marketers must adapt to these new realities to remain competitive.

Fortunately, Business2Community consistently tracks and updates marketers on any new trends in the industry. They’ve just released an update on 2020 trends.

2020 Content Marketing Trends for Maximum ROI

According to the new report, the first thing marketers need to know is that there’s no room for generalization.

While B2C marketers can afford to cast the net wide, B2Bs need to narrow their marketing. For example, B2B marketers can longer use certain types of content because everyone else is doing so. It won’t work in 2020. Instead, you must focus on delivering messaging and experiences based on your target audience’s needs.

Check out the rest of these content marketing trends to learn what else you need to focus on in 2020. It’s presented in form an easy-to-scan infographic.

Infographic B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2020 1