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Best Practices for Holiday Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Best Practices for Holiday Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Best Practices for Holiday Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Are you starting to plan your holiday marketing on Facebook?

It’s important to focus your marketing campaign on grabbing and holding your audience’s attention.

Whichever holiday is at hand, it will be on the consumer’s minds in the weeks preceding it, so it’s important to incorporate what’s trending and capitalize on the holiday for sales opportunities.

Adjusting your Facebook campaign for the holidays is pretty straightforward. We’ll dive into that in this post but essentially, you’ll add holiday features to your current campaign and concentrate Facebook posts with content that suggests the upcoming holiday.

Steps in creating your holiday Facebook campaign

Cover and Profile Theme

Change the theme of your business Facebook page by making a holiday related profile picture or avatar, adding holiday photos and changing your Facebook Page cover image to holiday themed cover image.

Plan for the holiday before it happens by sharing tweets and posts, as well as trends about the holiday.

Encourage your Facebook fans to participate in holiday posts and events.

While you do focus on the holiday, also be thinking through and posting “evergreen content” (content that has long-term value and is not time specific) that’s going to last and be relevant even after the holidays.

Offer Special Services

Special Holiday Key: Offer special services that are only available during the holidays.

  • Promo codes
  • Gift wrapping
  • Contests
  • Limited time offers

And be sure to share about these special items on social media!

Use Hashtags

Research holiday hashtags; they will vary depending on the holiday, and what types of products, toys, topics, and news is popular during that season. Then ramp up the posts, include those hashtags and look for ways to engage and be ready to respond!

Including the hashtags and trending holiday topics into your posts will push the Facebook page to a potentially larger audience and expose new users and potential consumers to your specific product or brand.

Optimize for Keywords

New posts should be holiday keyword optimized. When new customers who have the holiday on their mind will search for terms, keywords, and products they normally wouldn’t.

This is a huge opportunity to increase your user base and snag new customers during this limited marketing opportunity.

Adapt to the holiday season, and you’ll see an increase in Facebook activity and engagements and an opportunity for the holiday Facebook marketing campaign to be a huge and stunning “value-add” to your business bottom-line.

Increase Social Traffic on your Website with Web Embed Options

Grow leads and boost engagement with TabSite for Web and Facebook

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For those digging in and trying to maximize, here are 3 Key Features to help you grow business.

Embed a App on your Website

You own your website.  You want more traffic on your website.  So use the Web Embed feature in any app to bring your community new, engaging items ON YOUR WEBSITE.

Here’s a image of the view of a Instagram App embedded on a website.

The Marauders Open on Instagram - RLT & SV Prowlers' - www_desluipers_nl_tennis_de-sluipers-open_de-sluipers-open-op-instagram

It’s simple.  When you click “Publish” in the app, we give you the option to specify your website domain and get code to paste into your website page.  

Use WordPress? Simply go to the “text” view in WordPress (code view) and past the embed code, then publish your web page!


Showcase a Pinterest Board

Active on Pinterest?  Embed a Pinterest Board or your Instagram account on a web page.  People can follow, share, etc. right from there!

We have our Pinterest Board of app examples by users here at www.tabsite.com/gallery

gallery-pinterest-web embed

Run a Contest! Website & Facebook

Take it up a notch with a Instagram Photo or Video Contest, a Sweepstakes enter-to-win or a Pin Deal coupon where your visitors can access on your website (or Facebook….or on both)!

Bringing the app to your website gives you:

  • More control over user experience
  • More traffic to your website
  • More opportunities for lead capture on your site

web embed on sunnydawnjohnston.com_intuit-which-celebrity

You own your site, use it!  Use the TabSite Apps to bring more interactive tools to the web visitor!

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Do you have questions?  Comments?  Fire away!