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What Social Media Platform is Right for your Business?


Social media platforms have been very instrumental in creating brand awareness and growing businesses. With platforms like Facebook and Instagram hosting over 2 billion and 1 million monthly active users, marketers have discovered that they can do more than just being a medium for communication with family and friends overseas. As many businesses continue to create social media accounts every day, it is worth noting that not all platforms will be useful for a specific brand. Let’s look at which social media platform is right for your business.

Social Media Platform Purposes

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn are different. This is due to the fact that they host different kinds of audiences. Pinterest, for instance, has 68 percent of the users being female while the remaining 32 being male. This should ring a bell; if the target audience of a business is the women, then Pinterest should be the place to be. This tells you that it is vital to study the demographics of the users of a social media platform before choosing it to promote a brand.

The type of content that an audience prefers to engage with should also be considered. If a marketer is targeting the millennials, Instagram will make the best pick as they prefer visuals and sharing through the use of hashtags.

One needs to understand the different nature of the various social media platforms to establish which one would be the best for his or her brand. Check out this infographic from  Louisem.com to help you decide which social media platforms are best for your business.

Which Social Media Sites Are My Clients On?

which social media sites are my clients on

which social media sites are my clients on

Not sure which social media sites your clients are on? This is a very common dilemma, as companies don’t have the time or monetary resources to waste.

And every business demographic is different. Therefore, their social media followers may only be on specific social media networks.

Over at Quick Sprout, Neal Patel has done a brilliant job of researching and putting together an infographic that make it simple for you to determine which social media networks your customers are on.

With limited resources, start with just one network. Master it and then go back for more. Here’s the infographic…

what-social-media-sites-are-best-for-business-infographic (2)


Some great information, right?

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