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[Infographic] 11 Email Design Trends that will Reign Supreme in 2021

Email design trends for 2021.

Email design trends for 2021.

Email remains a popular marketing tool in 2021. But to keep up with the times, marketers should be on the lookout for these email design trends which are expected to be popular this year.

1) Muted colors

Bright hues might have taken over emails in the early 2000s, but 20 years later, subscribers want them toned down. These muted shades are easier on the eyes especially when viewed on smartphones’ small screens. So for your next email campaign, pick a standard color palette and desaturate it with white, black, or a complementary color.

2) 3D images

3D images for computers have been around since the 70s, while 2D images dominated the internet when it came to graphics. More and more 3D images are appearing online, some for marketing purposes. You don’t need to have expensive software or expert skills to go 3D. Try out apps that turn 2D images to 3D and see how you like them.

3) Textured illustrations

They aren’t going away! Spice up 2D images in your emails with texture and shading. It gives readers a more tactical experience which elicits a stronger response. Start with a standard 2D image and give it depth by playing with tint, gradients, contrasts, etc.
Check out eight other email design trends in 2021 according to Email Uplers below!

11 Email Design Trends that will reign supreme in 2021

Source: 11 Email Design Trends that will reign supreme in 2021

How to Use Instagram Photos to Boost Your Email Engagement [Infographic]


How-to-Use-Instagram-Photos-to-Boost-Your-Email-Engagement-Infographic-700Instagram and email are powerful marketing tools, though both have downsides. Instagram can tap into a large market — mostly millennials and Gen-Zers — but the content you can post is limited to mostly just photos and short clips. On the other hand, you can share anything you want in an email, but the medium is considered old-fashioned in the digital world so you might not be able to target the market you want.

The best solution is to use Instagram and email to cancel out their weaknesses and magnify their strengths. Here’s how:

Embed Instagram posts

Editorial-style Instagram images included in an email can boost on-site engagement. People find such images inspirational, and this drives them to learn more about the brand the images are associated with. Because marketers leverage Instagram content only 3% of the time, readers will also find your emails unique when you incorporate it.

Integrate a live Instagram feed

Email is now often dismissed by younger folks as a tool for old people. That’s not true, but perceptions matter. Thus, a good way to make emails more dynamic is by integrating a live Instagram feed in your email. Featured collages update every few minutes, so readers will always get something fresh.

Instagram enriches the email experience in new ways, which in turn boosts your business like the following infographic shows. Try using Instagram photos to boost your email campaigns.

Thanks to the folks at HubSpot for this eye-opening infographic.

[Infographic] Typography in Email: Getting the Best Font for Email


[Infographic]-Typography-in-Email--Getting-the-Best-Font-for-Email-700Inboxes are flooded with spam and alerts and other messages, so advertisers need to do everything possible to keep the reader’s focus on the message. The type of font that they select can have as much impact as images or other media, so becoming familiar with your options is helpful.

Basic Fonts

Basic fonts come in two main varieties: serif and sans serif. “Serif” stems from the Dutch word for “strokes”, and there are plenty of extra strokes on serif fonts. Some serif fonts have feet at the base, others have flourishes rounding out from corners, and some have both as well as little dashes stuck at random throughout the letters. Serif fonts usually have a more formal and fancy feel to the more laid back sans serif fonts.

The most basic of the basic fonts are the monospaced or fixed width fonts. These have standardized spacing between each character, which is useful for aligning text and conveying technical expertise.

Selecting Fonts for Emails

Straying further, there are fonts with plenty of character whose use should be carefully weighed. Block letters or calligraphy say a lot with just the shape of the symbols, but you can’t just swap the two in the same email. If an untrained eye can tell it apart from other fonts at a glance, then exercise caution and try to limit the font to headers and titles.

To learn more about how to incorporate different fonts in emails check out the infographic below! Thanks to the folks at Email Uplers for this helpful infographic.

Typography In Emails

2017 Email Design Trends [Infographic]

2017 Email Design Trends -Infographic-315

2017 Email Design Trends -Infographic-315We’re already two-thirds into the year, and before we know it, 2018 will be upon us. But though time flies, you still have four months left to explore the following 2017 email trends:


Many people are consuming content on the small screen of mobile devices, so it’s important for brands to get rid of the clutter and keep things simple. Less is indeed more.


After the flat redesign of the Android and iOS interfaces, many sites and apps followed suit. Nowadays, it’s all about soft hues against a white background for that clean look.


They say rules are made to be broken, and some brands dare to do so. Unique email templates that go against the expected are a thing, especially among brands that want to stand out.

The next year may bring on new trends, but until then, you can’t go wrong with the list above.

Thanks to our friends at Email Uplers for this interesting and informative infographic.

Email Design Trends 2017Source: Email Design Trends 2017

The Perfect Sales Email Campaign [Infographic]

The Perfect Sales Email Campaign - 315

The Perfect Sales Email Campaign - 315The medium may now be digital, but the principle behind marketing has always been psychological. To attract potential customers, you’ve got to understand how human nature works and use it to your advantage. Here are a couple of techniques you can try in order to create the  perfect sales email campaign.


The double opt-in form asks for confirmation from users first when they subscribe. This eliminates (or at least minimizes) accidental signups; at the same time, it shows people that you’re extending courtesy towards them. It’s a simple gesture, but it builds trust from the start.


People are naturally curious, so make your subject lines enticing enough to grab and sustain attention. If you can evoke positive emotion, so much the better. But keep them short and specific to avoid boring and frustrating your readers. People have grown weary of click bait titles, so it’s better to avoid that style.

A tip of our hat goes to Hubspot for this informative infographic!

The Perfect Sales Email Campaign