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[Infographic] 60 E-Commerce Trends


60-E-Commerce-Trends-315E-commerce is always evolving, so entrepreneurs need to keep up with industry trends. Here is a couple to look for as 2018 is nearing its end:

Mobile presence

As many as 56% of consumers research on products and services on their mobile devices. Based on this trend, it’s projected that purchases done on smartphones and tablets will jump to 69% by 2020. If you still don’t have a mobile app or a mobile-friendly site, now’s the time to set it up to keep pace with consumers as they increasingly rely on their mobile devices for their shopping needs.

Same-day delivery

People expect instant results, so it’s not surprising consumers expect same-day delivery as well. 72% of shoppers will spend more if a business offers same-day delivery. But this is a big challenge to tackle. You’ll need a reliable courier to partner with if you don’t handle shipping yourself. No matter what, you will have extra costs. As a compromise, offer same-day delivery subject to certain conditions, like within a specific area, after a minimum purchase has been met. Additionally, you could offer this only on selected items only.

When consumers want something, they want it now. If you can find ways to meet that demand, you’ll be a step ahead of the game.

As well, another coming trend is the use of cryptocurrency in e-commerce.  Crypto like Bitcoin and other NFTs are starting to be accepted as a form of payment and this will only grow. Crypto mining is also an area of growth.

Thanks to Subscriptionly.net for this useful infographic.


A Trustworthy e-Commerce Website


A-Trustworthy-eCommerce-Website-315In a typical online shopping situation, customers pay for their purchases first via a digital payment system. Then, they wait for the seller to ship their goods to them. Thus, trust is a big component of e-commerce, especially from the customers’ perspective.

To make customers trust your business before they even buy anything, here are a couple of key activities you need to do:

  • Be transparent

    Don’t wait for customers to ask you for details they need. On your page, make sure the following information is easily seen: your customer service channels and hours; number of customers served; year when your business was established; list of accepted payment methods (highlight Paypal if it’s included); and any form of verification from the brand you’re selling if you’re a reseller. Even if people haven’t heard of your business before, seeing these details will make them trust you more.

  • Be convincing

    Share credible testimonials from satisfied customers. Knowing other people already had a good experience with will make prospects more inclined to become customers themselves. If you’ve been featured by a publication (whether offline or online), make sure to cite that as well. People need to get reassurance from an authoritative third party before they’ll take a chance on your business.

Trust is hard to build at first, but start it right and you’ll get it in time. Thanks, Kissmetrics for this amazing infographic.