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Email Accessibility [Infographic]


Email-Accessibility-700To engage more people in your email marketing, make your emails more accessible to those with impairments. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least one billion people in the world live with a disability. That’s a lot of people of people you’re excluding if your emails are not compatible with adaptive technologies.

Accessible emails have several characteristics, a few of which are:


Divide your copy into blocks, and label each block with a clear heading. Next, ensure each block is divided into smaller sections. In this way, content is easier to decipher whether people are using their eyes or screen readers.


It’s okay to use images, but the accompanying text should be descriptive enough to illustrate what the image is about in case someone with vision problems is reading your emails. Also, avoid flashing images to avoid seizures or migraines in sensitive people.


Instead of directing people to where they should go, simply tell them what they need to do. For example, don’t say click here to get more details; rather, say ask us for more details. Text should still make sense even if only audio is available to people reading it.

Making your emails accessible takes an extra step, but it’s worth it if it means being more inclusive. It makes a world of difference to people who need it.

Thanks to the great folks at EmailUplers  for this helpful infographic.

How to Make Emails Accessible: Best Practices and Tools         

Source:  How to Make Emails Accessible: Best Practices and Tools