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How To Use Social Media To Market Your Event [Infographic]

Infographic how to use social media to market your event.

Infographic how to use social media to market your event.

An increasing proportion of marketers are turning to social media to advance their event marketing campaigns. Among other things, social media gives you a vast audience. Facebook, for instance, currently boasts at least 1.5 billion daily users, with the likes of Instagram and Twitter, also very popular among digital consumers. This gives marketers an incredible platform for event marketing using social media.

The question, however, is how to execute a successful event marketing campaign on social media. Everyone can post event updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, how do you cut through the noise, get the necessary attention, and convince as many people as possible to attend your event?

Market Your Event Using Social Media

We recommend that you consider the TotalEvent Resources guide. The guide outlines all the critical steps you must follow.  For instance, from planning to ticket sales drives and even ways to utilize the various social networks for maximum exposure.

In the planning phase, for instance, you need personas to help identify your target audience. Creating personas will allow you to run a focused campaign. Your messages will target a specific audience. Rather than attempt to win over every social media user. More importantly, the messages will be targeted to particular social media networks.

Check out the rest of the guide from TotalEvent Resources to learn how to use social media to market your event.

Promote Your Next Event with Social Media [Infographic]

Promote Your Next Event with Social Media [Infographic]

Promote Your Next Event with Social Media [Infographic]Need to promote an upcoming event? Use social media! Here are tips for the 3 biggest platforms:


Launch a Showcase Page and start a group specifically for your event. Send invitations to your connections via direct messages. Publish a content post as well to spur a discussion.


Create a unique hashtag for your event. It makes it easy for people to follow updates, and for you to find active conversations. Next, ask your event speakers to co-host a Twitter Chat to generate buzz.


Make a Facebook Event and share it on your page. Tap your friends’ help by asking them to share your post on their own timelines. To reach people beyond your networks, run geo-targeted ads.

For all 3 platforms, post regular and timely updates leading up to the big day. This strategy will bring your event to the top of people’s feeds.

Beyond social media, it’s important to consider other event planning items.  Here’s an additional guide for event managers resource.

Our thanks go to Maximillion.com.uk for this helpful infographic.

promote your next event with social media infographic