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A Small Business Guide to Facebook Insights [Infographic]


A-Small-Business-Guide-to-Facebook-Insights-315Social media has become a crucial marketing platform for small businesses. Facebook, in particular, is a must-have tool in any SMB’s marketing arsenal. With more than 2 billion active users and a high potential for leads and sales failing to market your business on the platform would be a huge setback to your growth goals.

To gain the most from Facebook, however, you need to be smart. With millions of other small businesses using the platform as well, you need to find ways to stand tall among the crowd. Facebook Insights are the key to gaining knowledge that separates your business from the rest.

Learn how to best use Facebook Insights to grow your business.

  • An overview of Facebook Insights
  • Understanding the impact of Facebook “Likes”
  • Measuring your “Reach”
  • Making use of “Page Views”
  • “Actions on Page” and what they mean
  • Posting on Facebook; what you need to know
  • Understanding your audience
  • Facebook messaging and best practices|

While the list doesn’t cover everything you’ll come across on Insights, it covers all the essential areas. You’ll have yourself to thank when the knowledge gained starts earning you lead after lead.

Thanks, Businessbacker.com for this great infographic.

How to do an In-depth Facebook Analysis

How to do an In-depth Facebook Analysis-315

How to do an In-depth Facebook Analysis-315
Nowadays to grow and establish a brand, social media presence is critical. A majority of people who use social media spend more time on Facebook when compared to other sites.

Most Facebook pages are set up because of the trendy marketing aspect. However, most of them fail to meet their goals. They try to follow the latest trends and copy other pages without knowing what works best for them.

A comprehensive Facebook page analysis will tell you if Facebook demographics are in line with your business demographics.

Here are the steps you need to take outlined in an easy to use format.

Revisit your social media goals

Determine the performance of your page by reviewing your social media goals. I use this opportunity to rethink my social media presence goals. Before I peruse through all the data, I check on these key areas.

  • What is my estimated reach?
  • What is the demographic of the target audience?
  • Is the target audience interacting with my page?
  • What media do they engage with on my page?
  • Are they sharing my content?
  • What is the competition doing?

Know your page insights

Analyzing your page requires you to crunch the Facebook numbers. Facebook gives you all the tools to do this. Very quickly and easily you can see how your page is performing. Every business page admin needs to know where to find this information. Having an easy access to page resources is the trick to get accurate data about your page.

Check your page overview

Take time to check the number of views, likes, and comments to see if they’re growing, stagnant, or decreasing. The Overview Page gives data in a given period. 7 days is the default period. You can also see the last 28 days, yesterday or today. Review the data online or export it to an Excel sheet. In Facebook insights, the data is presented in simple graphics blocks for ease of interpretation

  • Page Views
  • Actions on Page
  • Reach
  • Page Previews
  • Post Engagement
  • Videos
  • Page Likes

The data is presented in numerical values with blocks showing an up or down trend in the numbers. Just click on a block when you need to see more data on a block.

Tracking your competitors

Your analysis isn’t complete until you check your performance against your competitors. Visit their pages and take notice of the number fans and followers. Check their posts to see how many likes and comments they receive. Facebook will show the statistics of your competitor’s pages. This is important to zero in on the type of content to post, the time to post, and how to engage your audience.

Figure out your next action

Now that you have all the data about your Facebook page, what do you do? These stats are just the beginning of your in-depth analysis. Think about how you can use your fans to make the page better. The people who visit and engage with your page are your most important asset.

At the end of the day, coming up with a strategy that helps you to achieve the results you need is your main goal.

Facebook Rolls out Updated Insights for Pages to ALL


The New Version of Page Insights for Facebook Page Admins is [finally] here!

Earlier this year Facebook had invited Page owners to try a new version of Page Insights designed to help create better content and provide Page admins with more information about the people that were visiting their pages.

Today, they announced the roll-out of the updated Page Insights to all Page owners worldwide!

View their full release and video on the new Insights here: Facebook for Business

Here’s a quick synopsis I put together:

Key features

Simpler metrics:
Facebook split the People Talking About This (PTAT) metric into separate elements: Page Likes, People Engaged (the # of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared your posts), Page tags and mentions, Page checkins and other interactions on a Page.

The Virality metric was also renamed Engagement Rate and, in order to help admins better gauge overall post quality, now includes clicks as part of its measurements. (HELPFUL)

Score Card
Facebook aggregated all the metrics for positive interactions (likes, comments, shares and clicks) and negative interactions (hide post, hide all posts, report as spam, unlike page) into a post-specific score card, so marketers can evaluate positive and negative metrics side-by-side for each post. (NICE!)

People interacting with your page Insights
Page Insights allows you to see not only who you’ve reached – but also who you’ve engaged. NOTE: This can help Page admins identify how content resonates with different audiences and make more informed decisions about their Page content and strategy. (AGAIN, A WIN!)

New Page Insights Export
Based on the other changes, the new features needed to be and have been added to the Export tool.  This enables Page owners using and tracking the new metrics in Page Insights to be able to update their custom reporting template.

One Feature I really Like:

Benchmark option.  Opportunity to get benchmark data such as Organic Page Reach (always an issue!) and Organic Page Likes over time compared to another prior time period.  This is some easy to access granular detail that is very useful for determining value!


TabSite Friday 5 Weekly Wrap-up on Top Articles


The TabSite Friday 5 is our weekly list of articles in the Facebook and Social Media marketing world.  This short list offers you a quick guide to quality tips, ideas, and content to share!

Week Ending July 12, 2013:

1. 12 Point Facebook Page Check-up List for Page Admins »» mikegingerich.com

likeHow long has it been since you REALLY stopped and reviewed your Facebook Page? Facebook makes changes often! It’s critical that Facebook Page Admins take time to regularly audit their Page and ensure that they are not missing out on new features.

This Facebook Page Check-up List outlines 12 key items to review.

2.  How to Use Instagram Video for Marketing »» socialmediaexaminer.com

smexaminerHave you experimented with Instagram video? Instagram recently unveiled a video feature for their mobile app that transforms their already-powerful photo sharing network into a multimedia dynamo!


3. How Social Media Impacts Your SEO Ranking [Infographic] »» sproutsocial.com
sproutEvery inbound marketer wonders what impact a brand’s social media presence can have on its SEO ranking. Searchmetrics recently revealed a study showing how social media signals impact SEO efforts. Here is an infographic that illustrates their findings.


4. Must Follow Marketers on Pinterest »» hubspot.com
Here’s a list of Pinterest boards to follow! Excellent for infographic content, tips, and giving you content to re-pin and share!  

Pinterest is great for visual storytelling and driving traffic.  Here’s ’10 of the Best Pinterest Boards to Teach You About Marketing.’


5. How to Use the New Facebook Insights »» johnhaydon.com
 haydon-vidJohn Haydon digs into the new Facebook Insights, showing via a outline and video tutorial how to understand and use the new metrics.  Great overview for any Page Admin to learn more and then be able to use the new Facebook Insights to understand more about your Facebook fan base!

What do you think?  Are these worthy of your time and sharing for others to read?  Any to add to the list?

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