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How to Link Facebook Pages with Multiple Locations

Facebook has made the shift to now allow stores with multiple Facebook Pages to tie those locations together and to show them as connected!  This is GREAT news!

This formerly was only available to large brands and major companies in what was called the “Parent / Child” setup.

This is an awesome new feature for restaurant chains and other multi-location businesses!  This means companies can have separate Facebook Pages for each location and have the valuable “check-in” feature enabled for that location, but the Pages can all be connected as well under one “main” or “corporate” page.

UPDATE:  Seems like Facebook is back and forth on this.  Currently this link is not showing any content on Facebook.  STAY TUNED.  Facebook outlines the details here and below are the key points and links.

The Details from Facebook

Locations (formerly Parent-Child) are Pages for each of your store locations.

KEY DETAIL: Each store location Page will be linked to one designated main Page on Facebook.



• Creates authentic Pages for all of your store locations

• Updates all of your Pages with the right information

• Helps people find your business on Facebook

view-locations-editOnce you have Locations set up, admins with Content Creator or Manager permissions on the main Page can add, edit, and remove locations all from the Locations settings.

Then, to access and manage Locations, the corporate company can go to the main Page and select “Edit Page” then “Manage Locations”, and edit any of the locations!  A great upgrade!

How to request creating location Pages for the first time:

Complete PDF Guide of Instructions: Click here for a detailed guide about Locations.

1. Fill out the appropriate spreadsheet:

Click here for the Location Spreadsheet for new Location Pages

Click here for the Location Spreadsheet to convert existing Pages into Location pages

NOTE: You only need to follow this process to create location Pages initially. You can add and edit future locations from the location settings tab.

2. Follow the instructions on the spreadsheet.

3. Review the spreadsheet for accuracy and submit the completed spreadsheet at Facebook Help for Locations.  UPDATE:  Seems like Facebook is back and forth on this.  Currently this link is not showing any content on Facebook.  STAY TUNED.

4. Your request will be reviewed.

Once it’s approved, Facebook will create or update individual Pages for each location. According to Facebook, each location Page will be linked to the main Page within 48 hours.

Common Questions Answered by Facebook:

What information and settings will be added to all location Pages?

• The Page name, cover photo, and profile picture of the main Page will appear on all location Pages by default.  Location Pages can choose to change or create their own profile and cover photos if they wish.

• Also, check-in data across all locations will be aggregated on the main Page, however other metrics (such as likes) will not be combined.

Can people post on newly created location Pages?

As  a default setting, people will not be able to post content on location Pages that are created using the spreadsheet method.  To change the default setting on each location Page, admins can click the Edit Page button, select Edit Settings, and change their settings in the Posting Ability section.

If there was already a Page for a store location, will it be removed after my spreadsheet is processed by Facebook?

No,  but locations added from the locations settings page will be marked as authentic. Authentic locations rank higher when a person searches for  your business, and through crowd sourcing we can direct people to your authentic Page.

Is it possible for the main Page to automatically post on all location Pages?

No,  the main Page cannot publish to all of their location Pages at once. The  main Page can publish to people who like the main Page, and the location  Pages can publish to people who like the location Page.

How long will it take for the Pages to be created after I send the complete spreadsheet?

Approximately  48 hours after you’ve submitted the completed spreadsheet.  The turn  around time can be much longer if there are errors found in the spreadsheet.

After I set up my locations on Facebook the first time, how do I add or edit location Pages in the future?

After you follow the initial spreadsheet process, you’ll be able to view and manage your locations directly from the locations settings page.  The PDF Guide noted earlier and linked to again below has instructions on editing existing locations once the initial setup is done and it also has instructions on adding additional new locations after the initial setup is complete.

Again, the instructions are in this doc:  Click here for a detailed guide about Locations.