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The Location of Tabs in New Facebook Page Layout

facebook new page layout 2014-2

This past week Facebook announced a new redesign of its business pages.

We outlined the keys for Page Admins regarding the new layout.  The big key question everyone was asking was, “Where are the tab apps?”

Speculation swirled and comments raged….”Did Facebook kill tabs?”  Answer:  NO!

Tabs are readily available in two locations in the new layout.  Here’s a better view of the new location of Tab Apps….

They appear in the “More” drop down menu and also in the left side below “About” information. Yes, in the left menu they are 111×74 (same size) as before.


As has been the case for awhile now, the bulk of user time on Facebook is spent in the News Feed and users are accessing Facebook dominantly on mobile devices.  This means that for a Page the key is sharing regular posts to the News Feed using the Smart URL to link to your tabs.

This helps in 2 ways:

1. Users are in the News Feed most so this is the best place to catch their attention

2. Using the Smart URL given when you create tab apps allows fans to to access the tab no matter what device they are on!

Have you gotten the new layout yet?