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Run Facebook Contests in 2014

Gearing up your Digital Marketing for 2014 and have Facebook Contests as a key part of that mix? You're in the right place! It's a new year and many of us are busy digging into the year ahead. If you're like me you've been reflecting on last year....what worked well....what you didn't accomplish....and  what didn't work so well.  With that backdrop you've set some goals and a course of action for the year ahead, and one of those goals was to be more active on Facebook.  Am I right? Are Read more [...]

4 Facebook Contest Promotion Types for Increasing Traffic and Fans

Boost Engagement with Facebook Promotions How to select the Right Type for your Facebook Page Facebook Engagement — the “Holy Grail” for companies on Facebook. Companies that achieve engagement have pages with an active, positive, and involved community.  This type of social community responds to Facebook posts, is committed to the brand, and helps to further extend the reach of the Page through their sharing and comments.  When broken down into tangible factors, increased engagement Read more [...]

Rise Above the Crowd and Increase Facebook Engagement with Photo Contests

facebook marketing herding social media cats
Do you ever feel like you are herding cats when it comes to generating engagement on your Facebook business page? Do you feel like the lead cat trainer trying to round up and motivate a pack of sleepy, bored or even aggravated cats? At every turn and Facebook page load, users are getting bombarded with information and requests to click, like, follow and share information with their friends and colleagues. The clicks, likes, follows and shares are starting to be earned by only the most engaging, Read more [...]