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How to Use Facebook Live Video to Drive Leads to Your Website

How to Use Facebook Live Video to Drive Leads to Your Website - 315

How to Use Facebook Live Video to Drive Leads to Your Website - 315Facebook wants you to take advantage of the benefits of making videos with Facebook Video. You have the choice of creating live videos or using pre-recorded videos.

Factors To Consider When Making a Video

Anyone can make a video. But, if you want a video that people want to watch, one that excites and interests your viewers, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Engaging Your Audience

If you get nervous in front of a camera, you might want to get someone to do your videos. Your audience should feel excited, enthralled and more importantly; engaged. The perfect video is polished, but it doesn’t sound like you’re reading from a script. Viewers want to see the real you, so a professional video isn’t necessary, but it does need to be practiced.

Educate Your Viewers

Whether it’s be written content or a video, your viewers come to you because they know you’re an expert. They trust you to give them help on the topics that interest them. It’s important to think of yourself as a wealth of information, not a salesperson. If you sound like an expert, someone that knows what they are talking about, people will trust you and keep coming back for more information.

Inspiration Is Key

You want to show passion, honesty, and sincerity in your videos. You need to be able to quickly solve their problem. Show why they need your product or service, and why and how it can make their lives easier, fun, happier, cost efficient, etc.

Entertain Your Audience

Life can be stressful, so take advantage of offering some light relief, even if for only a few minutes, while they watch your video. Creating a light and airy video will create a memorable experience in their minds, and they’ll want to watch your videos again and again in the future. Your video shouldn’t be all about your product or “making the sale” it has to be fun and interesting too.

Encourage Interaction

A video is just a video unless you include a call to action. Fun videos are great, but you’re not in this just for fun. You want to create leads and sales too. Every video should include a call to action in the video. Ask them to visit a website, or like on the video or make a comment.

Adjust Accordingly

Just like any other marketing campaign, it’s important to pay attention to your video’s analytics. Record the topic, the length of the video, when you posted it, etc. You need to know exactly what videos captured which leads, which videos drove people to your website (and which ones didn’t!). No one ever just posts a video, and that’s it. Videos, like other forms of marketing, need to be tested and info needs to be collected.

Facebook Feature Video

Facebook is coming out with another option called Feature Video. This will be placed in your About You section. The feature video is one of the most important videos you create. It allows visitors to see what they can expect from you.

The Different Types Of Facebook Video

Product Videos

Talk about your products and services, but don’t make the video too sales-y. Show what your product is and show how it can be used.

How To Videos

How to videos are always popular. These videos go step by step and show views how to do something specific. These will showcase your expertise and that in the future, they should consider you when they need help. 1 in 3 millennials purchased a product based on watching a how-to video. That’s a pretty powerful piece of information!

Product or Service Walk-through

Show off your products or services, but in a fun way. Choose one of the most common problems you hear from your customers and show how your product can solve their problem. Narrate the process in a clear and concise manner.

Answer Questions From Your Audience

I see businesses doing this all the time! This type of video gives your audience the ability to get to know you, or your product a little better. It’s a more casual and fun video. And you answer potential customers questions before they have them.

Testimonial Videos

You probably have written testimonials on your website already. But, creating video testimonial with your customers, is a good idea. Include customers that have purchased from you; their original problem and how your product helped solved their problem. Let customers leave testimonials about your customer service, how happy they were working with your business and a recommendation.

Traditional Commercial

A traditional commercial is what you usually see on TV. But, you can create one with Facebook Videos as well. Traditional commercials tend to be expensive, so if you can’t afford it, consider Facebook Video and YouTube as an alternative.

What Is The Difference Between Facebook Live and Pre-Recorded Videos

Facebook Live is taking off! It’s quickly becoming the most popular features on Facebook. With the Live option, if you make a mistake, you can’t go back and redo it. Practice what you want to say, but one of the nicest things about Live videos is that you can ad lib and connect freely with your audience.

With the pre-recorded option you record on your own time, edit it how you see fit and then post on Facebook. Pre-recorded videos are the safe bet, but they can be boring, disingenuous or lack charm. It may be a good idea to start with pre-recorded videos and once you’re comfortable in front of a camera, take the plunge and do the LIVE videos!

Whatever option you choose for your business, make sure that you create videos that your audience wants, needs and craves. Test your videos. This will give you a better idea of what your audience likes.

Facebook Live Video for Your Business

Facebook Live Video for Your Business

Facebook Live Video for Your BusinessAre you looking for a new way to engage customers on social media? Real-time streaming apps have become very popular with social media users and are great tools for brands to engage with customers.

Apps like Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat, and Blab became enormously popular in 2015, and many brands like Starbucks, BMW, Taco Bell and Doritos were quick to jump on board. These brands found fun and creative ways to share real-time pictures and videos that their followers loved. Facebook now has their own Live Video tool that enables users to easily stream real-time content with little effort via the smartphone app. Here is a closer look at how Facebook Live Video works for your business.

What are the Benefits of Facebook Live Video?

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook Live Video for Pages is that it is built right into the Facebook iOS or Android Pages app. Simply tap the status icon, and then the Live Video icon. You can write a description for the broadcast if you’d like, then hit “Go Live” to start broadcasting. No need to download a separate app!

Some other cool features of Facebook Live Video:

  • See how many people are watching your video as you stream, and see all of their names and comments.
  • Your video automatically saves to your timeline once you are through recording. You can tweet it, embed it, share it, or delete it from there.

How is it Different from Periscope or Meerkat?

A big advantage Facebook Live Video has over Periscope is that Facebook Live saves your video for good. With Periscope, your videos disappear after 24 hours. You also have the ability to choose who sees your video with Facebook Live, unlike Periscope or Meerkat where anyone who has the app can see the video.  As well, so many people are already on Facebook and scouring the News Feed so to have this integrated seamlessly is a big win!

How Will This Help My Business?

The real-time interaction that Facebook Live Video gives you is a unique way to connect with your audience. Watching a live-stream video that encourages interaction is a more memorable experience than reading an article or status. People love to see authenticity, and there is nothing else out there that is quite as authentic or intimate as a live streaming video!  Studies have shown that users engage more with live video as well, so it’s a way to get better engagement.

How Should I Use Facebook Live Video?

Many opportunities exist for businesses through Facebook Live Video. With some planning and some creativity, you can create some awesome content! Although the limit for a Facebook Live Video is 30 minutes, most users create videos that are much shorter, around 2-5 minutes. Here are a few ideas about how you could use Facebook Live Video:

  • Go Behind the Scenes: Show your audience how your products are made, or show your team at work or relaxing during lunch. Your followers will love to get an “inside look” at your business.
  • Stream Live Events: If you are at a big event, stream it to your followers. Show them everything that’s happening and answer questions as you go.
  • Conduct an Interview: Interview an employee or a client who might have a unique perspective or insight on your brand.

Promoting an upcoming Live Video on social media is a good way to get more engagement and build anticipation for your video. The sky’s the limit when it comes to Facebook Live Video streams. With a little planning and creativity, you can create some unique real-time content that your audience will love!

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Latest Facebook Updates for Non-Profits and Launch of Video Ads

How many of you like to finish projects before taking a holiday break?

Many of us put in a great flurry of work to complete and publish key items prior to taking some time out of the office, and that seems to be the case each year at Facebook as well!


Facebook announced three significant items this week that Facebook marketers should take note of!  The two biggest changes are the DONATE button for non-profits and the release on December 19 of auto-play video ads in the News Feed.  One other development was the further enhancement of Custom Audiences in the Ads Manager, giving retailers a way to measure “sales lift” from ads beyond simply click analytics.  This ability to measure “off-line conversions” is important!

So let’s dive into What You Need To Know:

Video Review of Donate and Auto-Play Video Ads:

Non-Profit Donate Button

    • Currently in beta testing with 19 partners
    • Donate Button will appear beside posts in the News Feed and at the top of non-profit Facebook Pages participating
    • 100% of the donation will go to the nonprofit, and users that donate will have the option to share that action with their friends.
    • Organizations can now accept donations in a pop-up window right on Facebook.
    • Users can choose how much they want to give and either enter payment details or use ones already stored with Facebook.
    • The Donate Now button also gives people an easy way to share the call for donations with friends, helping giving to go viral.
    • Facebook is not charging a fee to process credit card donations (Facebook itself is paying the fee) 

When can your non-profit start using it?

For now Facebook is partnering with a limited number of nonprofits but will make this feature available to more nonprofits as time goes on.

If you’re interested in being considered for this program fill out form in the Facebook help Center.    The full Facebook press release is in the Facebook Newsroom.

 Auto-Play Video Ads in the News Feed

  • Set for December 19, 2013, this is the long-awaited debut of a feature announced earlier in 2013
  • The Video Ads will play automatically in users’ News Feeds
  • Ads will play on both Web and mobile (smartphones)
  • Video Adswill play automatically but without sound, as they come into view
  • In order to hear sound, users will have to click or tap on the video and play it in full screen mode.
  • At the end of the video, other suggested clips will appear.
  • To make the video go away, users will simply have to scroll past it. Facebook says that videos will only play on mobile devices after having been downloaded when the device was connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • This could help Facebook capture a share of the $66.4 billion advertisers are expected to spend on U.S. television this year.
  • This is still in testing and rolled out to a few select partners.

 For full details, the embedded post below links to the official Facebook news release.

Custom Audience Changes Enable Measuring Offline Sales

Ad clicks are a measurement of interest but there was a gap in understanding the link between Facebook ads and offline sales.  Now Facebook is enabling retailers to measure offline sales driven by their Custom Audiences campaigns.

Previously, offline conversion measurement was available only to advertisers who worked with a Facebook measurement partner. Now Facebook has expanded this capability to even more retailers who advertise on Facebook and no third party partner is needed.

How to use Custom Audiences to measure offline sales lift:

  • Marketers upload hashed data, including emails, phone numbers and addresses, as well as encrypted transaction information
  • Facebook matches the retailer’s hashed data to hashed data from Facebook’s own databases
  • Facebook then provides a report that compares, on an aggregate basis, the purchase behavior of customers who saw an ad on Facebook with customers who did not

It involves a few steps but has great potential!


See the full Facebook Press Release here >>

More to come on user experience and our perspective in the days ahead!  For now, what are your thoughts on these new features?  Comment below…