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You need to Get a Grip on your Facebook Marketing!

It’s time!  Time to get “real” and face reality.  Your Facebook Page is not what it should be. You really need to GET A GRIP on your Facebook marketing! Poor posting, bad design, it all leads to ineffective results.


I see a lot of Facebook Pages.  A lot!  Unfortunately, way too many that I see are not what they could be.  Mediocrity reigns!  However, mediocrity will get you no where fast in business. It’s time to truly assess your Facebook Marketing, take action, and step it up.

To help you do this, I’m kicking off a Facebook marketing series with this post.  The series is titled, “Get a Grip.”

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be doing a number of items to help companies take stock of their Facebook pages in key areas and make changes for the better.  I’ll be including:

  • a series of blog posts,
  • a podcast episode,
  • and a webinar
  • all underneath this umbrella to help marketer’s Get a Grip!

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We’ll be covering five overarching keys for Facebook Pages:

  1. Clean Design
  2. Brand Consistency
  3. Fan Experience
  4. Awareness and Placement
  5. Conversion Strategies

To get things started we have three resources:

1. Go through this 12 Point Checklist to make sure key items on your Facebook page are up-to-date.

2. Sign-up for the Get A Grip September 5 Webinar on Growing Fans and Capturing Leads

3. Complete Get A Grip Email Series Sign-up below to receive each post and resource (typically 1-2 a week).

We’ll get your Facebook Marketing to the mountaintop!

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