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[Infographic] The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics


[Infographic]-The-Small-Business-Guide-to-Google-Analytics-315Every business can benefit from using Google Analytics. It tracks the useful information that is vital to a healthy website. This guide to Google Analytics will give you the ability to track how customers respond to your website.

A website that doesn’t draw customers or engage them is not a useful business tool. With Google Analytics you can track where customers come from and what actions they take on your website.

3 Things Google Analytics Tells You About Website Visitors

  • Who They Are

    You can track where users come from, what devices they are using, what web browser they are using, and how many of them are visiting the website.

  • What They Do

    Track where users go once they are on your site, how long are the on various parts of it, how long do they visit the site overall, what do they do while they’re there, and do they fill out any forms while visiting.

  • What Parts Of Your Website Do They Like

    You can track how users respond to your site’s content. This includes how long they visit each page, what pages they visit the most, how they are responding to landing pages, and which parts they click away from without reading?

Thanks, Headway Capital for this informative infographic.