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Social Media Colors and Fonts [Infographic]



Popular social media platforms focus on usability and making their apps pleasing to the eye. Every major platform makes use of specific color and font combinations to make their apps appealing and unique. Here is a brief overview of the color and font combinations used by two of the internet’s most popular platforms Facebook and Youtube.


Facebook’s color scheme focuses on various shades of blue and various shades of greyish blue. It’s color codes are RGB (66, 103, 178) and RGB (54, 88, 153) for its blues and RGB (233, 235, 238) and RGB (246, 247, 249) for its grey shades. For fonts, Facebook uses Segoe UI on the Windows platform, Roboto on Android, and San Francisco on Apple platforms (iOS and MacOS). While Facebook is consistent in its design, there is some variety in layouts and fonts used depending on platform.


Youtube makes use of basic colors for its layout that are easy to view and without much color blending. Youtube’s primary color is red with an RGB mix (255, 0, 0). It’s highlight colors are black RGB (40, 40, 40) and white with an RGB of (255, 255, 255). Fonts are also uniform with Roboto used on Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS platforms. Design wise, Youtube focuses on traditional colors and a uniform font no matter the platform.

Thanks to the folks at Make a Video Hub for this helpful infographic.







10 Things You Need to Know About Logo Design (Infographic)


10-Things-You-Need-to-Know-About-Logo-Design-700A good logo helps a company stand out from the competition. When designing the perfect logo a lot of factors come into play. Some of the most iconic logos are relatively simple while others are more involved. No matter what the approach the best logos immediately call to mind the brands they represent. When designing a logo a company shouldn’t overlook the little things such as color and proper use of effects.

Color Use

A logo with the right colors tends to stay with the viewer. Colors themselves have been proven to have a physiological effect on the viewer with certain colors symbolizing certain emotions. Red, for example, is often associated with energy and drive while blue is associated with calmness. A logo’s colors need to fit the brand it represents and invoke the correct emotions from potential customers that business is looking to attract.

Proper Effect Usage

In modern logo design, there is no shortage of software effects to take advantage of. However, many companies overdo it and use too many effects (or the wrong ones) when designing their logo. By not using effects properly not only is the logo itself not as visually pleasing the effects can distract from the logo. When designing a logo ‘less is more’ is a sound design philosophy.

Thanks to the great folks at BlueSodaPromo for this informative infographic.

Creating Appealing Visuals

Creating Appealing Visuals

Creating Appealing Visuals

Social media is a huge and very busy place. It’s difficult to get noticed but you can increase your chances of standing out by creating appealing visuals. Some easy things to remember when using images are:

  • Make sure the image relates to the post
  • Design with grids
  • Use a photo filter
  • Set up a color palette and font style for your brand

People notice images, especially when they are used consistently or appear in a particular color scheme. Eye catching photography, videos and infographics increase the chances of your posts being viewed, shared and responded to.

Thanks to our friends at QuickSprout for this awesome infographic.

Creating Appealing Visuals