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The Benefits of Video for SEO [Infographic]

benefits of video

benefits of video
This year, using video for online marketing is taking the spotlight for several good reasons.

Consumer reach

Around 69% of people online prefer to learn about products or services through watching a quick video instead of reading blocks of text. Also, 76% would share a video on their social media networks even if it’s branded as long as they find it entertaining enough. This makes the viral effect possible.


As many as 93% of businesses that use videos as part of their campaigns report a higher user understanding of their products or services. As a result, 74% of users who watched explainer videos beforehand became paying consumers. That’s a pretty impressive conversion rate.

Videos are popular not only because they’re quicker to digest, but also because they engage different senses all at once. From a marketing perspective, this advantage leads to better engagement.

Here’s an infographic that illustrates this point from Take1 Transcription

The Benefits of Video